Supercharging is back!

Posted on Monday 12th March, 2018

Simon SG_Workshop_Large

Quantum-Touch is bringing back the SUPERCHARGING Workshop! This long-time favorite has been revised, revitalized and is now ready for you to enjoy!

I am delighted to announce that I will be teaching the NEW Advanced Supercharging workshop in July 2018 in England!

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Healing is Voltage

Posted on Wednesday 18th October, 2017

Simon Quantum Touch Brain Healing Audio

Understanding this makes the perfect connection to why healing occurs when we raise our frequency with Quantum Touch.

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Louise L Hay, thank you…

Posted on Wednesday 30th August, 2017

Simon Louise-Hay

Louise L Hay who was born on 8 October 1926, has transitioned into the next world on 30 August 2017. She passed away peacefully in her sleep from natural causes. There are some moments on our spiritual journey which are life changing. This blog is written to honour a Queenly…

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New healing documentary called HEAL

Posted on Saturday 1st July, 2017


This is exactly what we need! More documentaries about real people who have healed themselves using cutting edge energy healing techniques. It’s time to discover how much our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact our health and ability to heal. Here is the official trailer for Heal Documentary featuring Deepak Chopra,…

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Can I do this? Can I really help others using energy?

Posted on Friday 21st April, 2017

Simon shutterstock_290056448

I wanted to address this topic as I have been asked this question several times recently. We all have an innate desire to help each other and somehow over time it has been handed over to those who are “highly qualified” or those who have studied the human body intricately.

I have often heard “I want to do this, I believe it works but I am not sure if I can personally do this.”

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Love What Matters

Posted on Sunday 8th January, 2017


This video is a beautiful and perfect example of how our words affect and influence the outcomes of our loved ones lives. We have the power to totally transform lives by the seeds we plant in their minds, through loving and empowering language. This was certainly the case with Thomas…

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New Level 1 Workshop!

Posted on Friday 6th January, 2017


Come and take the NEW Level 1 QT workshop! You can expect: expanded practice sessions clear descriptions on topics such as “Quantum” or “new paradigm” exercises and explanations that respond to the current needs of our community new support materials for students We have come up with a new Level…

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Introducing Lior Shai Levy

Posted on Sunday 20th November, 2016

Simon lior

It is with the great pleasure and delight that I introduce you to my second baby boy, Lior Shai. Lior means My Light, and Shai means My gift. I felt these names were very akin to his energy, which is full of light and sparkles. I know he will be a gift to all those lucky enough to be around him.

I wanted to share his arrival with you because the lessons contained within it will shape and redefine my future forever.

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Incredible lifesaving healing after a heart attack with QT

Posted on Thursday 3rd March, 2016

Simon Incredible lifesaving healing after a heart attack with QT

When Aynoa Lecea, a Spanish dentist from Exeter attended my QT Level 1 in October 2015 she had no idea that just a few days later she would be using her new skills to help save her 35 year old husband’s life after he collapsed in the forest and had a heart…

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