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Permission to Reset™ Anxiety


The 12 powerful sets of audios in the Permission to Reset™ Anxiety program are each 8 – 10 minutes long. Alleviate stress and anxiety quickly.

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Here's The Quickest Path To Relieving Stress & Anxiety and Feeling A Deeper Sense of Peace, Well-Being and Happiness Each and Every Day

I've used Permissioning and Transformation™ to treat patients who are suffering from anxiety. I've seen it help alleviate overthinking and mental stress very, very rapidly. I don't know any other technique that's easier or more effective.

Lisa Jennings, Former NHS Psychotherapist (now in private practice) & Nutritionist, London UK

A Calm and Peaceful Mind is Actually Your NATURAL State of Being

Whenever you experience stress, anxiety or any other negative feelings, it feels uncomfortable because it's not your natural state of being.

The fact is, your mind and body WANT to be in balance, happy and healthy.

You're meant to enjoy a life of peace, tranquility and joy!

But often, our minds get stuck repeating negative thought patterns - like a skipping record - that can keep us stressed, worried and anxious about the circumstances of our lives or what's happening in the world.

It can even get to the point where there seems to be a dark little cloud over our heads, following us everywhere we go, preventing us from enjoying life the way we want to.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

I'm a nurse who works in operating theatres. I started using these techniques to help deal with a stressful personal situation and noticed a positive difference right away... so did my manager at work! She was so impressed that she approved the program to be included toward my Nursing and Midwifery training. I honestly don't know what I would have done without this program. It's powerful!

Yasmin Z., National Health Service Nurse, London UK

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious each day, staying up all night with a racing mind, and waking up feeling tired and uninspired about the day ahead...

You were able to quiet those negative thoughts and easily and effortlessly shift into a more peaceful, calm and blissful state of mind?

And what if you were able to achieve this state of deep well-being anytime you want, anywhere, no matter what's going on around you?

Not only is this possible, but countless people worldwide have already achieved these results. And now it's your turn!

After 2 sessions of Permissioning for anxiety

I am very encouraged to see a light at the end of my decades-long tunnel when it comes to my struggle with anxiety and depression.

Annie Achenbach, Singer, USA

Introducing the Permission to Reset Anxiety program

Your pathway to a life of greater ease, peace & tranquility

My Permission to Reset™ Anxiety Program is the perfect companion to the Permission to Reset™ Sleep Program.

While the Permission to Sleep program audios are meant to be listened to right before bedtime, the Permission to Reset™ Anxiety program can be listened to at any time of day.

Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, simply choose the audio that most applies to how you feel and the situation you're in, and within just minutes you will:

  • Quiet anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Calm your mind, no matter how busy it is
  • Enter into a state of deep relaxation
  • Feel a sense of safety and deep well-being
  • Feel happier, more relaxed and productive for the rest of the day

For the first time, I feel totally relaxed and like a weight has been lifted. Practising these techniques everyday has made a HUGE difference to my stress and anxiety levels.

L.F., London UK

Here's What You'll Find Inside the Groundbreaking - Permission to Reset Anxiety Program

A Quick Start Guide where I'll walk you through how to get the absolute best results from the program.

Note: Each audio is only 8 - 10 minutes long to make this easy for you.

The 12 powerful Permission to Reset™ Anxiety audio sets will focus on feeling:

  • Grounded, Centered, Peaceful & Calm
  • Safe & Supported No Matter What's Going On Around Me
  • Happy, Healthy & Balanced From The Inside Out
  • Confidence in Decision Making
  • Increased Energy & Vitality
  • Goodbye Stress & Worry, Hello Tranquility
  • Fully And Deeply Relax
  • Increased Concentration & Mental Focus
  • Overcome Overthinking
  • Positive behaviours
  • Freedom From Panic, Fight Or Flight
  • Calm Physical Anxiety Symptoms

Here's What Others are Saying About the Permission to Reset Anxiety Program:

I used to struggle with chronic fatigue, depression and chronic pain. I'd become a bit of a recluse, rarely leaving my home and rarely engaging with people other than family. Soon after learning these amazing techniques, I felt my motivation and energy come back. I wake up feeling much more positive and now leave the house regularly. I am beginning to feel more like me! I can't thank you enough.

P.J., Teacher, London UK

“After suffering some neurological problems post surgery 8 months ago, my brain has had real difficulty winding down at times. This program has already really helped my anxiety and give me a greater sense of calm and peace.

C.H., London UK

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU. I had an MRI scan yesterday morning that I was not looking forward to, coupled with a needle stuck in my arm. I decided to use these techniques to calm myself down, give me strength and make me less anxious. It did exactly that!

A.C., Madrid, Spain

“My baby has been ill in the hospital since Wednesday. I was by myself here over the weekend and usually I would feel very anxious and sad if that were the case, but this time I felt so empowered. Thank you, I feel focused and calm.

E.S., London UK

A friend of mine used these techniques to help her have a natural and easy birth, so I decided to give it a try hoping for the same result. I felt a lot of fear and anxiety around being induced and any kind of medical intervention because I was already 14 days overdue. Karina helped me release these fears... I felt myself relax straight away. I ended up having an amazing, calm birth. I'm so grateful for this!

R.B., London UK

60-day money back guarantee

Love Your Results Or Get Your Money Back

I invite you to go through this entire audio program and try each of the stress-relieving techniques out for yourself.

If you don't feel that the program was a fit for you for any reason, simply let me know within 60 days and I'll promptly return your money to you with no questions asked.

This is how confident I am that you'll see immediate and lasting results from this program, just as so many people have before you!

You Deserve To Live A Peaceful, Tranquil Life
Free from Stress and Anxiety

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out on a regular basis...

If you find yourself up at night because your mind is racing with stressful thoughts…

And if you find it difficult to concentrate or be at peace during the day because your mind is full of worry and fear…

I personally guarantee that my Permission to Reset™ Anxiety Program can help you relieve stress, ease tension and feel the peace and tranquility you desire.

Remember: If you're unhappy with it for any reason, simply let us know within 60 days for a full refund. So you have nothing to lose, except the stress and anxiety!

Learning the Permissioning techniques has allowed me to become lighter. I feel that so many of my past triggers have dissipated and therefore I don't get as short fused in the situations that earlier fazed me.

Permissioning is so powerful and I'm so grateful.

T.M., India

Permission to Reset™ Anxiety


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