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5 tips for when you feel emotionally low

Cultivating mindfulness

There are times in our lives when we feel empty and as if our energy has run out of steam.

This is common after a trauma or a stormy life season. It is often when a really tough time comes to an end such as after a loss, that our system feels like it has totally forgotten what peace feels like.

Anyone that has been a caregiver for a loved one or been through any situation that has overstretched their nervous system will relate to this.

Healing stories

Many people feel increased faith when hearing other people’s healing stories, leaning into this as a source of inner strength and new possibility.

However, when a person feels incredibly low – hearing positive healing stories can at times feel frustrating if it feels emotionally out of reach.

Many practitioners have personally overcome a healing challenge and it is often a journey that led them to being able to guide others.

The 5 tips below are to help bridge the gap between an emotional challenge to inner peace, in a gentle and sustainable way.

From this place healing can be gracefully welcomed into your energy field. Healing stories will then start to inspire new hope, feeling more achievable and enjoyable.

Tip #1 – Sometimes there are no words

There are times in our lives where we don’t feel like talking and that is more than fine.

Energy healing allows a person to sit back and simply receive unconditional love, without the need to talk or explain anything at all about what they are feeling.

It is more than ok to let the energy do the healing without talking. An experienced practitioner of any bodywork modality will be very familiar with this approach.

In Permissioning™ I teach people “Wordless Permissions” for the times when there are no words.

This has been especially useful for people that are in the eye of a stormy situation.

In Quantum-Touch a practitioner does not need to know anything about a situation to help bring a sense of calm and flow to the body.

It is helpful to have a different energy to our own to resonate to when we feel below par.

If you don’t have access to any self healing tools or practitioners then take yourself into nature as often as you can as part of your self care routine, building up to 2 hours each time.

In Japan “Forest Bathing” is very common as a therapeutic approach for mental health.

Simply walking in a forest is proven to reduce stress hormones, increase feelings of happiness and creativity, lower heart rate and blood pressure, boost immunity and accelerate recovery from illness.

The principles of resonance are the same as in Quantum-Touch – however, in this you are entraining to the trees healing frequency.

Tip #2 – Reach for gentle techniques

There are a variety of techniques that are available in energy healing. Use techniques that are a little step up from where you are right now rather than techniques that require a lot of focus and feel further up the emotional scale.

For example, the 12 colour Quantum-Touch Supercharging meditation does not require you to feel anything particular or to access any particular emotion. A lot of people find this very to be a very soothing experience and one that is repeatable.

The QT Level 1 body sweep is incredibly grounding and even if you just stayed in the body sweep for 2 minutes you would feel much calmer. A key tip is to sense the exterior of the body including the skin. The widens your focus and quiets the mind.

If you don’t know how to use the QT body sweep then another way to expand your focus is to look at the furthest point away from you and how far away you can see. Notice as much as you can about your external surroundings. This takes away the internal concentration from repetitive thinking and gives you a new moment to experience.

Tip #3 Go for a more Yin style of breathing

For example, in Quantum-Touch Level 1 we use 5 different breaths. The fire breath is more active and the 2 – 6 breath is more passive. After a trauma the nervous system is highly reactive to any sudden sensory stimulation. Focus on slower and more calming breathing rather than the higher energy breathing. Any breath with a longer exhale than inhale will help to regulate the nervous system.

Different techniques suit different personality types so feel free to try different styles of breathing to see what feels more peaceful to you. Generally, my experience with observing others is that an unregulated nervous system will cause a person to try and force relaxed breathing and stimulate breath holding without realising it. This is why a more gentle approach is a lot easier to align to, especially after feeling panic.

It is also important to note that there are techniques which do not require any specific breathing at all.

Any good relaxation technique will automatically slow your breathing down anyway.

Breathing does slow down thinking however the reverse is equally true! I see this all the time with the Permission to Reset™ your Nervous System techniques.

Focused breathing is only one way to calm the nervous system. A simple way to interrupt erratic thinking is to stretch the body out. You will find that your breathing will automatically slow down after a good stretch.

Tip #4 Accept where we are first

There is something so powerful about accepting how we currently feel without any judgement or trying to force a change. A really common reaction that people have when they feel anxiety is to try and override it with a technique or to shut it down. All this does is cause resistance and often increase stress.

The remedy for this is to simply “do nothing.” Let it be there and accept the present feeling. When we accept a feeling our brain stops seeing it as a threat and our nervous system will respond with more ease.

There is no rush. It is ok to simply be. We are designed to heal and our energy system is so intelligent that you will absolutely know when you are ready to take another small step towards elevating your energy. Let it arise naturally and it will be a much more pleasant experience. You are doing brilliantly right now, as you are.

Tip #5 Movement heals

A common reaction to stress is to experience a disassociated feeling from our body. Grounding ourselves is essential for repairing our nervous system. This is most easily achieved by moving physically. A gentle, daily walk in nature will do wonders for the mind, body and spirit.

When you are ready to do so try a faster way of moving. It may be a yoga class that requires more concentration to follow the sequences. Even if you keep up for 1 minute, that 1 minute will give you mental respite. And when you are ready for more, try something even faster until you are comfortable with movement and exercise.

Any exercise will release a lot of stuck energy in your body. Movement is an absolutely essential aspect of health, for both mind and body. It releases endorphins and helps regulate the nervous system back into its natural rhythms.

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