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Quantum-Touch at The Big Retreat Festival, UK

If I had to curate a festival myself – it would be just like The Big Retreat. This festival is unique in its focus on retreating fully into Pembrokeshire’s rolling hills with breathtaking views over clear blue water and endless untouched, green landscapes.

With hourly talks on fascinating topics, ice baths, woodland spa options, gong performances, drumming circles, yoga and the best vegan ice cream I have ever tasted – I was thrilled to be invited to give a talk about Quantum-Touch and guide a Chakra Balancing session.

Quantum-Touch demonstration – 13 years of pain gone

As with all my QT talks I asked for a volunteer that had hip pain. A wonderful Welsh lady called Ceri put her hand up. She came to the front and told us all that she had daily pain for 13 years since her daughter’s birth. Every day she had to navigate her pain and it had never gone away. She had normalised it at a level 5 on a good day.

Measuring Ceri’s hip alignment like we learn to do in a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop

As I began to run the energy I could feel her bones starting to align and tension dissipating in her hip area. Ceri could feel this too and she relayed this to everyone. Within a few minutes, her pain had reduced to a level 2. After a few more minutes she was pain free, standing straighter and feeling a surge of energy in her body. She was amazed as everyone in The Talk Tent watched her posture shift and become more centred.

I saw Ceri the next day and she was beaming as she enjoyed the festival feeling totally free in her body for the first time in 13 years. Watch Ceri’s video below about her experience!

Ceri works with an amazing charity ( that supports vulnerable families in Wales and I am thrilled to be able to introduce energy work and meditation to those she helps. Such a wonderful way to meet a fantastic person and continue her healing journey!

And the Chakra Balancing session – wow!

When I arrived at The Ganesh Tent to guide a chakra balancing meditation there were about 20 people already there waiting to begin. I began to talk about chakras, how I use the chakra balancing techniques from Quantum-Touch in healing sessions and how it is a multi vitamin approach to healing.

As the microphone carried my voice across the field more and more people kept joining. Within 15 minutes there were approximately 80 people laying on the grass as far as my eyes could see, listening to my guided chakra balancing session.

When we got to the throat chakra we all started toning…

We nearly had lift-off as everyone toned together whilst basking in the glorious sunshine and being supported by such untouched beautiful Earth energy. Using our own voices as a way of bringing in sound healing into meditation is very powerful. Our voices are the ultimate instrument. Humming, toning and using sounds to move energy is scientifically proven to have a fast effect on healing our nervous systems and boosting immunity.

The energy in the group was sky high, literally.

I have a vision of teaching workshops in that setting – if the energy was that high can you imagine if we added in the QT techniques?!

An extra boost for the kids

After everyone had floated away to their next activity I had a lovely Mum ask me if I knew any techniques to help her 8 year old son that is highly sensitive and finds school challenging. I immediately reached for my Permission to Reset your Nervous System toolbox. There are several quick and easy reset techniques that are as easy for adults as they are for children to learn. My children and I taught him 3 techniques and he was very pleased with his new energy reset toys.

If you have a chance to go to this festival next year please do go. I hope to return too so I will keep you updated 🙂 The nearby beaches have a very clear and magical energy. In the meantime, I hope you are inspired to keep using and reusing all your wonderful tools and to continue our ever-expanding healing learning journey.

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