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Is it really possible to align bones and straighten posture with energy?

Is physical pain connected to trauma?

Yes, absolutely! Quantum-Touch students are able to do this by lunchtime on Day 1 of a workshop.

Why will this skill change your life?

How does this happen & why is it so important for any health condition?

Let’s start with my first experience of watching my Dad’s posture change in 2005 from being totally hunched over to standing up tall, shoulders back and hips balanced. As many of you know, my introduction to Quantum-Touch was sparked by my search to find a way of helping him with a type of Parkinson’s dis-ease called MSA. At a glance he looked totally hunched over and as if he was locked in this position.

When I returned home from the workshop I began giving him Quantum-Touch using my new found skills. We both stood in amazement as what had seemed like a fixed, hunched over position, slowly began to straighten out. All this happened with no force, no pressure and as a total QT beginner.

As I aligned his hip bones and balanced other bones in his body I questioned why he suddenly seemed stronger and more “in his body”. His weaker disposition was replaced with a much more embodiment and strength. He walked across the room with purpose and significantly taller. He was also incredibly present.

Why does balancing the hips instantly ground us?

When we balance the hip bones we free up space for the energy to flow down to the feet and to ground ourselves. This is very beneficial for people who are very much up in their heads or more connected to their mind more than their body. Within minutes people feel more “rooted” have clarity of thought.

Our emotional patterns are imprinted in our body and are clearly visible in our posture. It is a chicken and egg situation because altering posture alters our emotions and vice versa.

Stress, anxiety, and tension— all find their way into our bones. These healing techniques, with the lightest touch, haromnise these discordant patterns. Muscles relax, the mind calms, and we find our bones naturally aligning in a new energy of serenity.

All of this highlights the innate intelligence inside every cell in our body.

Every health condition benefits from structural alignment which is why it is such a key focus of Level 1 and Level 2.

“My lower back pain, and much of the muscle tightness around that area and in my buttocks has almost completely gone. I am no longer wearing my back brace and feel so much stronger and  more flexible in that area.

Thank you! “


Bone balancing tip #1

I have also found that working with the corpus collosum in the brain helps to align structure more easily too. We learn about this place in the brain in Level 2 during the brain healing section of the workshop. The corpus collosum is responsible for integrating information between the left and right hemisphere.

As a practitioner I find that aligning bones is always a powerful way to start a session, regardless of the symptoms being presented.

Some before and after feedback from a postural alignment group session

“Absolutely amazing! Massive difference.”

Sue: “About 3 cm difference of how low I can now bend down.”

Francesca: “My hips felt the most restrictive – and are now much more flexible🙌”

Nadia “I’m already very flexible but it feels even smoother now – very smooth!”

Lisa: My knee pain is now much less, also wrist joint much freer”

Diane: “BIG difference!  Even my SI joint that I injured on 12/17 feels better!”

Silvia: OMG! A huge difference! I can actually touch the floor! My hands got much closer behind my back! I could even squat further which is astonishing as I broke my right heel with achilles tendon detachment! My surgeon said I would never be the same 😮 and he was wrong!”

Cath: “This is really wonderful. C7 & shoulders released after months of pain.”

Anna: “Wow! Hip pain has decreased and mobility has improved!”

How long do bones stay aligned?

I am always asked this question in workshops so want to address it here. There is no uniform answer to this as it will depend on each person, lifestyle and how well they are assimilating the energy on an ongoing basis. Often people that have a major shift in their alignment will keep most of that alignment or only shift slightly back out. This will be reflected in a shift in the person’s mindset or paradigm.

Some people may need several sessions for a lasting result with top up sessions periodically. Everyone is unique and therefore the answer will be totally different for each person.

Diagram of the Psoas Muscle

Bone balancing tip #2

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we learn how to balance the psoas muscle which is the one of the most significant muscles in the body. This muscle connects the upper and lower body. When it is out of alignment it effects our emotions, the way we walk, pain and digestive issues. This is a very powerful muscle to balance for both emotional and physical health.

Bone balancing tip #3

We also learn in Level 2 that by balancing the sphenoid bone in the head it helps the hip bones to stay aligned because the sphenoid mirrors the alignment of the hips.

The importance of alignment in pregnancy

If you are giving Quantum-Touch to a pregnant woman then it is very helpful to focus on balancing the hips and lower body structure. Rather than giving healing to the baby I give QT to the Mother and the baby will entrain to the Mother’s newly raised energy. Focusing on aligning the Mother’s structure will go a long way for an easier birth for both the Mother and baby. When giving healing to pregnant women make sure to use a more Yin flow of energy, increasing how much you allow the energy to flow and bring what you love most into the session. QT Level 2 is perfect for this.


I have given a lot of people sessions for aligning their structure, taught techniques for this in many different workshops and watched people’s pain levels drop to 0 just by having their bones align. It is a life changing skill and is transformative on all levels!

More examples of how important balancing posture is

“I am blown away by my experiences in my Level One Quantum Touch healing course. I have had chronic back pain for 20 years and on 2 occasions had scar tissue get stuck. This is extremely painful and greatly reduces my range of motion.On the Sunday before class, my SI joint got stuck on scar tissue. In the past, my chiropractor has been the only person who can help get me unstuck but I couldn’t get in to see him. In the first class, which thankfully was online and allowed me to lay down, Karina asked if anyone had hip pain. I raised my hand.

As Karina worked on me, I felt my hip being pushed away from my spine, then felt a bit of pain like I had a physical adjustment.She unhooked the scar tissue and when I got up my painful large knot in my back was gone and my range of motion was greatly improved.I cancelled my chiropractor appointment I had booked for the next day.

My back continued to improve with the practice sessions in class. So empowering to learn how to do these treatments on yourself.The approach with Quantum Touch is really simple and easy to learn. Karina is a wonderful and inspiring teacher.If you have a chronic condition and have tried many modalities without much success, give Quantum- Touch a try. My experience wasn’t unique. The other students reported healings when they practiced with other students and friends and family.So excited to practice and share this healing approach.”

Melanie, Canada

Quantum-Touch demonstration – 13 years of pain gone

As with all my QT talks I asked for a volunteer that had hip pain. A wonderful Welsh lady called Ceri put her hand up. She came to the front and told us all that she had daily pain for 13 years since her daughter’s birth. Every day she had to navigate her pain and it had never gone away. She had normalised it at a level 5 on a good day.Measuring Ceri’s hip alignment like we learn to do in a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop

As I began to run the energy I could feel her bones starting to align and tension dissipating in her hip area. Ceri could feel this too and she relayed this to everyone. Within a few minutes, her pain had reduced to a level 2. After a few more minutes she was pain free, standing straighter and feeling a surge of energy in her body. She was amazed as everyone in The Talk Tent watched her posture shift and become more centred.

I saw Ceri the next day and she was beaming as she enjoyed the festival feeling totally free in her body for the first time in 13 years. Watch Ceri’s video below about her experience!

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