Teaching GE Aerospace University Students about Energy

I was invited to deliver a 2-hour Mindfulness session to a talented group of GE Aerospace University Engineering Graduates on a sponsored 5-day “learning journey experience”.

All the students came into the room curious about what they would be learning, having never learned anything about this before.

I introduced mindfulness concepts to them – ensuring I backed it all up with science, given their engineering backgrounds.

I then guided them through some really fun processes.

We explored using sound healing instruments, eating chocolate mindfully, and keeping balloons in the air to train their attention. I also guided them through their first ever meditation. They were so receptive and as we went through the guided meditation I could see the relaxation response take immediate effect in them.

I also taught them a few techniques from my Permission to Reset Anxiety workshop, which they loved. These techniques are instantly effective and can be used as an immediate way to “reset”.

This week many of these students will continue their journey and join me online in a 2 hour Quantum-Touch Energy Boost workshop for their first taste of what we can do with energy.

I love seeing people have their first glimpse of Quantum-Touch.

I wholeheartedly believe that meditation and energy therapy is a fantastic addition to any educational experience.

Having taught many teachers in my workshops for their own personal self-care. Hats off to Linac Education for being so aware of the need for students to learn this too, and acting on it! It was an absolute pleasure to deliver this training to such an open group. I am looking forward to teaching them much more about what is possible.

“Karina, it was an excellent, insightful and fun session. Loved it!  As did everyone else. They took so much from it. THANK YOU!”
Andrew Terry, CEO Linac Learning

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