A forever gift for a loved one

Give a life-changing gift and make an impact that lasts forever.

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The greatest joy in the world comes from helping another human being to experience higher levels of happiness.

Give what you want to receive. If you want happiness, make others happy.

Russell Simmons Russell Simmons

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  1. Quantum-Touch healing session

    Show someone you care with a Quantum-Touch healing session. A truely wonderful gift for a loved one to help with aches, pains, a chakra balancing session or anything they wish to focus on.

  2. Workshop ticket

    Teach someone how to literally change their life and health with a ticket to a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop. This is a transformational gift that lasts forever!

  3. The Essential Mindfulness Collection

    This collection has a mindful meditation to suit each intention and bring you back to the present moment, with a meditation to suit different times of the day. Choose from a short morning audio to a 7 minute lunchtime reset - there is an audio to suit your every mood.

  4. Chakra Balancing collection

    7 individual meditations for each of the chakras with an additional bonus meditation that includes all 7 chakras.

    When our chakras are balanced we feel grounded, alert and in a state of flow in all areas of life.