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Richard Gordon’s latest workshop – “Becoming More”

Is it nuts to fly to Orlando for a weekend? Yes, absolutely. But it was totally worth it!

I attended the first Becoming More workshop in Cancun in October and returned home feeling filled with sunshine, energy and connection. I just returned from the second BM workshop in Florida, and again I feel that same feeling.

People from all over the world flew in for 2 days of energy healing taught by the founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon.

Richard is now 75 and is fitter than ever after decades of practising energy healing. He is currently writing his 5th book and continues to explore new ways to give and receive healing.

The BM workshop focuses on ” sharing and receiving gifts”. This is a technique we explore in Quantum-Touch Level 2 and over 2 days the group experienced a deep dive into this particular area.

After several experiential processes we all felt expanded by what it feels like to tap into other people’s unique gifts.

A gift is anything that we personally find natural and easy. This can be a creative gift, the ability to show deep compassion, a sports ability, organisational skills, languages, kindness and of course, the ultimate gift of being able to give and receive unconditional love.

We all express love differently and uniquely. Over 2 days we enjoyed the many different energetic flavours of people’s unique, vibrational expressions.

The gifts that I wanted to share are “staying very young at heart” and “finding the gift within a challenging situation” so that it can transform – I call it spiritual alchemy.

I find that keeping life fun and light is a key to keeping my energy high.

I love laughing with my friends and whilst I am an old soul that arrived in this world with a natural ability to intuit energy very easily, I paradoxically feel like I never really grew up. This is a gift I bring into my healing sessions a lot.

A few people came up to me after the workshop and told me that they realised they had forgotten how to have fun, how to let go and couldn’t remember the last time they had belly aching laughter with a friend.

Sharing my gift reminded them of a strong desire to reconnect to this feeling.

In my workshops I always encourage people to let go and play – welcoming their inner child to fully take over the session.

In many ways all energy work is child’s play because we are accessing the imagination and the greatest teachers for this are children.

Often people arrive at a workshop with a serious mindset and truly wanting to get the techniques right.

The more we approach Quantum-Touch with a playful and explorative attitude the more the mind gets out the way – and then the energy starts to elevate massively.

This is reflected in the amount of incredible healings that happen in workshops.

As an instructor I love guiding people into a space where they are having a really fun time whilst feeling connected, present and in their heart.

On my way home I walked into a book shop in the airport and synchronistically the first book I saw was “The Power of Fun” by Catherine Price.

There was only one copy left which shows me how much we often need a reminder of the power of play. Quantum-Touch evokes this energy instantly.

Additional highlights

I have been teaching Quantum-Touch since 2007 and I finally got to meet Quantum-Touch’s CMO Jennifer Taylor, in person. We have been emailing each other and speaking on the phone for 18 years so this was a joy. 

I loved the special quality time spent with other QTers, instructors from around the world and of course – Richard.

This included Miriam from Washington who I have spent many hours with on zoom over the years and the wonderful Henri who flew in from Hawaii. Henri became the first QT instructor in 1991!

On Sunday evening, after marvelling at the size of the full moon a few of us got up at 4am to go and see the sunrise at Coco beach on Monday morning.

A dolphin kindly swam up to say hi to us as we were running energy and watching the sun come up. This was a truly magical moment.

After a long beach walk I whizzed back to pack and jump on a plane to London. 🌍

What a special weekend with this fantastic Quantum-Touch community! Well worth the crazy schedule!

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