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7 day Quantum-Touch technique challenge

Are you ready to go on an adventure and take a deep dive into your Quantum-Touch workshop manuals? Just as there is a Universe of life beneath the ocean’s floors, within each unique QT technique there is a colourful world waiting to be rediscovered.

This is what I often do and I invite you to do the same.

It is like finding a timeless piece of jewelry that has long been forgotten at the back of your jewelry treasure box. You take it out, try it on, and love it just as much now as you did when you acquired it. It feels shiny, happy, and new. How did we ever forget that we had such a gem? How did it get pushed to the back of the box?

Open up any of your workshop manuals and pick one technique that you want to remaster. Spend the next 7 days using this technique for at least one minute a day. Have fun with it and be creative in how you use it in your life.

If you start each week with a new technique challenge, by the time you are 3 months into it you will find your self-healing abilities have reached an entirely new level of joy, confidence and speed.

Master the basics one technique at a time

Too often manuals are put away with the greatest intention of reviewing them in the future. The secret to a beautiful lawn is in the soil preparation – the foundations. Mastering the basics using one technique at a time will replenish your grounding in Quantum-Touch. Beautiful flowers grow vibrantly in fertilised soil.

Spending quality time re-engaging with your manuals will enhance your entire experience and learning the more advanced techniques will feel like a breeze.

Connect to all the Fun of the Quantum-Touch Fair

Choose one breath, one technique, or anything at all that you want to explore.

7 days of total play without any serious need for any particular outcome will connect you to all the Fun of the Fair in Quantum-Touch.

The dichotomy is that many people come to Quantum-Touch for personal and at times, stressful reasons. Here is the irony of the principles of absolutely all energy modalities. Playful exploration with no attachment whatsoever will open a doorway into a much higher level of healing energy.

Try this 7-day challenge for just for 1 minute a day?

1 minute to play for the sake of pure fun. A little holiday from why we think we need healing and as my lively Irish friends say, “just for the craic”.

Lucky dip

Open up your manual on a random page and the first technique you see is the one for that week.

Simple as that. Enjoy the ride!

This is also why people love repeating workshops and gain so much from doing so.

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