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Permissioning & Transformation™ is a set of techniques that are very effective in getting rid of negative emotions and solving problematic situations.

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Permissioning and Transformation is a very popular self-help technique that is working wonders for people from all walks of life.

This includes healthcare professionals, business leaders, parents, teens and anyone wanting to bring much more inner peace and balance into their lives.

It is an elegant process that is incredibly simple to learn and is a pathway into maintaining a peaceful state of being.

This technique is designed to literally free your mind from any fixed viewpoints, as you experience life with new and open perspectives. As you apply the technique you will enter into a state of presence very quickly. This creates a powerful healing space where peace, fresh insights, and an open mind become your default setting.

Permissioning and Transformation can be applied to all areas of life such as health, relationships, studies, wealth and success.

Karina's teacher Kaye W.Lee is the creator and founder of Permissioning and Transformation™.

Permissioning programs

  1. Permission to Reset™ Anxiety

    The 12 powerful sets of audios in the Permission to Reset™ Anxiety program are each 8 – 10 minutes long. Alleviate stress and anxiety quickly.

  2. Permission to Reset™ Your Nervous System

    This video program will teach you easy to learn techniques that are specifically focused on resetting and regulating your central nervous system.

  3. Permission to Reset™ Sleep

    A 3-week audio program designed to relax the mind and body before bedtime, opening the door to deep, uninterrupted, refreshing sleep.



  • Since using Permissioning I am finally starting to feel myself slowly return to a state of normality and relaxation after all the last few weeks of panic and anxiety. Really I have no words to thank you for the amazing techniques in Permissioning!

    Goldie, Mother London

I've used Permissioning and Transformation™ to treat patients who are suffering from anxiety. I've seen it help alleviate overthinking and mental stress very, very rapidly. I don't know any other technique that's easier or more effective.

Lisa Jennings, Former NHS Psychotherapist (now in private practice) & Nutritionist, London UK

I've been using the program for 2 months now and my sleep continues to improve. Even thinking about the techniques helps trigger me falling asleep. I would definitely recommend this, it's easy and is literally just listening to a process on a couple of audios. What could be more simple than that?

Kully M., Software Developer, London UK

I'm Samanthi from Sri Lanka. I have a building materials business and cosmetics manufacturing business. Im a student of Karina. I participated in the permissioning to reset your nervous system workshop in January. I practice the daily routine of permissioning. This makes me so happy and really reduces my stress. I'm addicted to doing permissioning daily. I do it every day without missing a single day. I can't carry out anything continuously but with this permissioning, I do it everyday. I feel so relaxed and happy with permissioning. I use this for stillness. Thank you so much Karina for teaching us these amazing techniques. This is like magic. I'm so grateful for you Karina teaching us these amazing techniques.

Samanthi, Sri Lanka

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