Permissioning & Transformation is a set of techniques that are very effective in getting rid of negative emotions and solving problematic situations.

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Permissioning and Transformation is a very popular self-help technique that is working wonders for people from all walks of life.

This includes healthcare professionals, business leaders, parents, teens and anyone wanting to bring much more inner peace and balance into their lives.

It is an elegant process that is incredibly simple to learn and is a pathway into maintaining a peaceful state of being.

This technique is designed to literally free your mind from any fixed viewpoints, as you experience life with new and open perspectives. As you apply the technique you will enter into a state of presence very quickly. This creates a powerful healing space where peace, fresh insights, and an open mind become your default setting.

Permissioning and Transformation can be applied to all areas of life such as health, relationships, studies, wealth and success.

Permissioning and Transformation was created and founded by Karina’s teacher, Kaye W Lee. You can read his bio here.