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Shit to Sunshine podcast

Thank you to Loise Goodman, co-creator of the “Shit to Sunshine” podcast for inviting me to talk about my journey into energy healing, becoming a Quantum-Touch instructor, and some of my fascinating experiences with the Permissioning techniques.

Having guided Lois through an experience of Permissioning™ and given her personal experiences (mentioned below), I was very humbled to hear her talk about this during the podcast.

The Shit to Sunshine podcast focuses on conversations about overcoming adversity and using those experiences to enhance your life, as well as others’ lives.

“For anyone listening I highly recommend Permissioning™. It was one of the most powerful things I have ever done, so again, thank you so much because that really changed my life actually.”

“I don’t say it lightly. Your energy and the techniques that you use….I very much want to learn Quantum-Touch from you and Permissioning I highly, highly recommend. People should definitely contact you Karina.”

Lois is a mindset and transformation coach, and comes from a background of trauma and grief surrounding baby loss. Lauren is also a coach working with survivors of coercive control and narcissistic abuse. Lauren’s background is informed by her own trials in the legal system, her love of mindfulness, and learning about trauma and the nervous system.

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