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Where is your attention in your Quantum-Touch sessions? Try some quantum travel…

The same reason that we feel better around certain people than others applies to places too.

In Quantum-Touch we learn about the scientific principles of resonance and entrainment. One of the examples I often reference in the workshops is how great we instantly feel when we see a friend that we tend to laugh a lot with – simply because we resonate at a high energy when we are together. They don’t even have to say anything. They walk in the room and we are already smiling. Do you know anyone like that?

It is the same with places and environments. Some places will naturally vibrate at a very high energy and we will quickly entrain to this when we are there. It is really useful to notice where you feel your best and go there when you use Quantum-Touch.

Of course, this is Quantum so if it isn’t possible to physically go there then you can use your Level 2 techniques to ask for the energy and essence of that place and bring it into your session. If you haven’t yet taken QT2 yet then just imagine yourself in your favourite place and see how the quality of energy changes.

Supercharging focuses on the specific colours of healthy cells which can be brought to life as you imagine the Northern Lights lighting up the sky.

Energy follows thought so wherever our thought is – the energy will match it.

If you are feeling playful have a look at some pictures of the natural wonders of the world and imagine you are there. As you move your attention around you will feel very uplifted and also get a direct experience of how valuable it can be to direct our attention during a healing session.

The energy that flows when I am marveling at one of the wonders of the world compared to kicking back on a beach is very different. You will feel what is right for that moment by the way the energy shifts. As you move your attention to a new place match it with a faster breath and it will increase the resonance.

Above all Quantum-Touch is about playing with the energy. How YOU feel in a session is the energy that your client will entrain to. So gift yourself a license to travel in your thoughts. The same lesson that I tell my kids every day before they go to school applies to QT…rule number 1 – always have fun!

This much fun gives you a bumper dose of endorphins which your immune system will thank you for and will shine through your mood for hours to follow.

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