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If Quantum-Touch made wallpaper…

You may have heard me say that I would like to design my own Quantum-Touch wallpaper featuring some of the key principles as a powerful reminder of how energy works – all the time.

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Am I allowing the energy right now or am I resisting?
  • How can I increase my sense of allowing?
  • Energy follows thought
  • Trust the process
  • Let go of attachment to the outcome
  • Love heals

I particularly love to ask myself the question “how can I increase my sense of allowing right now?” It is a really easy way to reconnect to our tools and refocus our energy. It also helps to highlight any resistance and gives us a chance to be present with why we feel that way, too. I see this question as an act of self-care and a simple way to notice where our attention is, how our body feels and how free our mind is in that moment.

The Quantum-Touch principles are the foundation of all healing and energy work. Try writing these principles down or even setting them individually as reminders in your calendar. The more we embody these Universal laws the higher our energy is. Which Quantum-Touch principle has the most impact on how you feel?

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