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I am me

After an uplifting chat with I am me’s warmhearted and inspiring founder Claire Libby, I am thrilled to now be a supporter of I am me. The I am me app is a fantastic free resource for young people to access tools, resources, and wisdom about wellbeing.

Well-being is a vital aspect of education and ideally from the earliest possible age. My mindfulness meditations are now available on the free I am me app and I highly recommend exploring the rest of the app too. There are so many topics covered including many that are often internalised and not spoken about. One of the features I love most is the personal tracker and a wall of messages that people have written to their younger selves.

If you are a parent, teacher or educator I highly recommend having a click around the app. I am sure you will feel the love and care that went into creating it, just like I did.

Thank you Claire for all the brilliant energy you are putting out into the world. I am honoured to support I am me.

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    Energy Boost Mini Class

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    Quantum-Touch Level 1

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    Quantum-Touch Self Created Health

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    Quantum-Touch Level 2

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    This Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop is online and spread over 4 sessions, each session is just over 3 hours long.
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