Quantum-Touch Level 2 brain healing technique gives similar therapeutic effect as psychedelic clinical trials

The Quantum-Touch Level 2 brain healing techniques can be used with specific intention and also in a “general” way, trusting that the intelligence will direct the energy exactly where it is needed.

Whilst teaching my most recent QT2 workshop a lady had an experience that was very similar to the results experienced in clinical trials using psychedelics to heal ptsd.

“MDMA has successfully been tested to treat PTSD, because the drug removes the patient’s fear response while leaving other faculties intact. This enables the patient to talk to a therapist about their trauma without fear, for possibly the first time in their life.”

Dr Ben Sessa

MDMA has been used therapeutically since the mid 70s at a time when LSD was being used in psychiatry. Therapists moved on to MDMA because it was still legal, unlike LSD. Despite promising research on MDMA and trauma therapy, it was banned as a result of MDMA being taken recreationally in the rave scene.

Research stopped until 10 years ago when a “psychedelic renaissance” reawakened public interest in the therapeutic benefits.

Healing the amygdala in QT Level 2

The MDMA effect mentioned above describes the decreased activity that occurred in the amygdala in the clinical trials. The amygdala is the part of the brain that triggers a fear response and is responsible for emotions, behaviours and motivation.

This enabled patients in the trial to revisit a traumatic memory and process the experience without such intense fear. Patients described this as being very cathartic and a huge relief after years of suppressing a traumatic memory.

In level 2 we bring huge amounts of love and heart energy into specific parts of the brain. I was taken by surprise recently when a workshop participant described receiving healing on her amygdala in a practice session. During the practice session an unexpected traumatic memory came up which she experienced without any fear or overreaction for the first time. This astounded her and she felt an enormous weight lift from her mind and body. She had not intended to focus on this memory – it came up to be healed without any prior intention and was an example of how intelligent life force energy is. She was understandably delighted with the outcome. A few minutes of QT can have a lot of impact!

What if we used QT2 on our amygdala for a few minutes a day?

When I attended Richard Gordon’s QT2 workshop in 2011 I remember him saying that the brain can take time to receive all it can. Little and often goes a long way which is why a regular practice has the greatest impact.

Quantum-Touch gives us the ability to support our self healing journey in new and exciting ways. We have the tools to frequently help ourselves outside of therapeutic settings, and can gauge results easily by relaxed we feel during after a big release.

Taking a “fierce sting” out of a traumatic memory can be absolutely life changing. Chronic stress has been associated with enlarged and inflamed amygdala. We know that Quantum-Touch is excellent at reducing inflammation so the effects of regular healing in this part of the brain are far reaching.

I believe we are only at the very beginning of understanding our capacity to heal the brain. The antidote to pain is love and our love has more impact than we will ever know.

Feeling safe to “let go” and come out of a fight or flight response is the gateway to our neurons wiring and firing correctly.

Quantum-Touch Level 2 offers graceful, respectful and elegant ways to heal emotions and move “stuck” energy on – especially in the brain.

Bringing our full loving attention to where our fear is physically triggered is a beautiful act of self love. Releasing energy from the amygdala also has an immediate effect on our posture and ability to relax into the present moment, letting go of the need to be alerted to incoming stress.

It is a gift to ourselves to spend a few minutes a day healing this part of our brain. Life force energy is intelligent and will support whatever is ready to be healed. Our role is to trust the process, and receive the new flow of higher energy.

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