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Karina featured in MysticMag Article about Quantum-Touch

Mystic Mag is a website that specialises in showcasing and reviewing what they consider to be the best holistic services. Their editorial team has many years of life experience in services that enhance people’s lives.

I am absolutely honoured to have been described as a “pioneer in holistic healthcare“.

Quantum-Touch has been featured on their website and I am overjoyed to relay my own experiences with QT.

One of the topics that I was asked about in this interview was how scientists respond to Quantum-Touch and how I address skepticism. I talk about how important it is to make such an open topic relatable to people from all walks of life. This is an area that I have really cultivated over the years, having taught many scientists.

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“My clients and students who have come from scientific backgrounds have taught me a lot about how to measure outcomes accurately and also why healing works, from their perspective. 

To put it into context I have taught people from The World Health Organisation, Cancer Research charities, pharmaceutical companies, research scientists, and many medical professionals. 

I find the most important aspect of learning is the language that I use when teaching. I reference studies where possible and explain how mirror neurons affect the way we mirror each other’s behavior and how this applies in Quantum-Touch. This connects to entrainment. 

We use breathing, visual awareness, and techniques to increase the quality of our emotions in Quantum-Touch. There are plenty of studies out there that give validity to why all this increases wellness and so I find that it is easy to overcome a skeptical mind. Essentially the principles are based on science – which is why Quantum-Touch attracts a very diverse audience.

If a person is open-minded then the quickest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch is by demonstrating how hip bones align with a very light touch and no manipulation at all.”

Case Studies

Mystic Mag also asked me to talk about a case study that stuck out to me.

My wonderful client Joanna Gregory had a profound fibromyalgia healing which was featured in “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You” magazine. I always enjoy sharing this healing story. Joanna saw seven doctors and specialists who sent her for numerous tests. She had a brain scan, a neck scan and a spinal scan. They put her on pain medications and she had nine injections in the back of her neck.

But these didn’t help either-nothing did. Eventually, she was given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

At the time, I was very skeptical. I didn’t know anything about energy healing, and I laughed it off. But the doctors could do nothing, and I was so desperate that I eventually agreed to go and try Quantum-Touch “

“I lay down on Karina’s massage table, and she briefly explained the process. I didn’t understand any of it, but I lay there as she put her hands on my right knee. Immediately I started to experience all these physical sensations, an immense amount of heat was being generated, and I felt tingling.

“I had no idea what was happening, and then suddenly – and this happened in both knees simultaneously – it felt like a bone or a bolt rotated and unlocked in each knee. It was such a strong force that even Karina kind of jumped back. ‘wow! ‘ she said. ‘that was a strong motion! ‘ she was caught by surprise as well.”

By the end of the session, an hour had gone by. When Joanna sat up, she noticed that the pain in her knees was gone.

“I started to move my knees, and I could move them like before any of this happened. I couldn’t really believe what was happening. It felt surreal. And then I went to leave the appointment, and I ran down the stairs. My mom was waiting for me in the car, and she drove me home. As soon as I got there, I put some music on and started dancing like a child. I couldn’t believe it! “

Is this type of healing commonplace?

This type of healing continues to amaze me yet paradoxically it is also commonplace and makes logical sense when we look at the scientific principles of how and why QT actually works. I encourage everyone to read the books, jump on a workshop, and start enjoying the benefits of Quantum-Touch. It has enhanced my own life immeasurably and I have used it virtually everyday since 2005.

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