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Cherubs – the UK’s number-one parenting magazine

“Quantum-Touch is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing and most
importantly anyone can learn and benefit from it.”

Dr Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, DSc, FACS, DABNS, Neurosurgeon and Founder of American Holistic Medical Association

As I sat writing a blog about Quantum-Touch I met Sev, the lovely editor of Cherubs – the UK’s leading parenting magazine. After an inspired conversation with Sev, talking about the large number of parents that have learned Quantum-Touch, Sev asked me to write an article for the Spring 23 edition of her beautiful magazine.

Seeing a child in any kind of pain is always difficult for any adult to see, and when it is your own child there is nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless and unable to help your child feel any better.

Quantum-Touch energy healing is based on scientific principles and is an exciting modality that is attracting increasing numbers of parents using it with excellent results.

Karina Grant, Quantum-Touch advanced instructor & mentor

To read the full article please go to page 40 in the Spring 2023 edition.

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