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Quantum-Touch Healing for Horses: A Path to Harmony and Balance

Lauren Dovey has attended several of my Quantum-Touch workshops and is putting the techniques to fantastic use in her newly launched equine healing business. In the article below Lauren shares how Quantum-Touch has helped her to help horses and enhanced her practice.

How has Quantum-Touch helped me to help horses? 

I decided to take the level 1 course with Karina a couple of years ago as my then horse had complex health issues and I wanted to help him myself. I knew he needed a holistic approach and I chose Quantum-Touch as I felt intuitively that this type of energy healing was the one for me to learn.

Little did I know how much it really would resonate with me and reignite my passion for energy healing. I loved level 1 so much that I went on to attend both level 2 and Supercharging, which were equally as amazing. 

There are several reasons for me that Quantum-Touch works so beautifully with horses and here are just a few: 

The Simplicity of Quantum-Touch

The simplicity of the techniques and the fact that there isn’t one set way to conduct every healing session means you don’t need to over-think if you are doing it correctly and this allows you to flow better, which of course is key to any energy healing modality.

Horses are extremely intuitive and can feel our mood and feelings sometimes before we even can! so feeling rather than over-thinking what I am doing when giving healing is key. Not long after I completed the level 1 course I tried it out on my horse.

I still felt like a novice and didn’t know how impactful it would be but wow! My horse  struggled to relax in everyday life; he was the leader of the herd always looking for danger, but as soon as I started giving him Quantum-Touch he entrained to me so quickly and went into a deep state of relaxation and loved it!

The second time I gave him Quantum-Touch he fell asleep on my shoulder in minutes and it was a special moment. One of the little ponies he shared a field with also piggy-backed on the Quantum-Touch session – she came and stood next to us and also fell asleep lapping up the healing. It was magical and cemented for me the power of Quantum-Touch for horses. 

‘Playing’ with energy and using visualisation

Horses are playful animals! They love to play and they live totally in the moment. This is why the playfulness of Quantum-Touch lends itself so well to working with horses. Keeping joy and love in our hearts as we give Quantum-Touch allows horses to entrain to us very quickly, as they resonate with this so naturally. 

I am a very visual person and the Quantum-Touch techniques enhance my ability to ‘see’ the energy as well as images reflected back to me that guide me to where a horse needs the healing directed and what they want to communicate with me. I often see the colour a horse wants me to use or images of things they are showing me which allows a deeper level of connection and understanding between me and the horse I am working with. 

The tool-kit of techniques

Quantum-Touch gives you a tool-kit of techniques that you can pull out as and when needed which is one of the things I love the most! The horse I currently share often flits between high anxious energy and very low energy, and benefits from me using Quantum-Touch techniques with him as I can both calm and lift his energy as needed. I have experimented with the different breathes, spiralling and funnelling energy, and using colour to help him entrain to my higher or more relaxed and grounded energy. Having many energy healing techniques in the tool-kit is extremely useful, as just like people, horses are so individual and also need different things at different times. 

Fast-forward two years from when I took the Quantum-Touch courses and I have now started my business in equine energy healing and cannot wait to help many horses for years to come! 

Lauren Dovey MHAO – Registered Equine Healer

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