The Science behind Toning and Chanting

In Quantum Touch Level 1 we use our Toning technique to bring in the power of sound healing into our session. We know that by using sound in our healing sessions, it moves the energy with a lot of speed and power. You can use the vowels which will work well and you can also tone a spiritual word such as “Om”. Toning the word “Love” also produces a wonderfully uplifting effect. Experiment with different sounds and words. It is a lot of fun!

In Supercharging we have a particularly powerful unique sound that we bring in, which amplifies the energy tenfold.

Remember that you can tone sub vocally too if it is more fitting for the session. See which is more powerful – toning out loud or toning internally.

I personally found that toning during my first son’s labour was the most effective technique for pain relief.

It is also a great technique for those with an over active mind. It really slows the thoughts down, which allows for more space and healing energy to take form.

So why does Toning allow the energy to transform so easily?

We know that Sound Healing is as old as the hills. Now there is a ton of science behind using Chanting (toning) as part of a wellbeing practice. The information below is a good reminder about why bringing Toning into our QT healing sessions has such a profound effect on moving the energy. Remember to feel the sound coming out of the area you are working on, as if there is a speaker in there. Have you ever stood in front of a base speaker and felt the reverberations? This is what happens energetically when we Tone. Enjoy the science below!

Some amazing Science…

In 1973, Dr. Gerald Oster, an MD and biophysicist, proved in his research paper, “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” that sound affects the way the brain absorbs information, including in our healing!

Chanting “OM” or any spiritual word calms our mind and therefore we become healthier. Have a read of “Human Sounds” by Jonathan Goldman. He writes about a group of French Benedictine monks who chanted every single day and then decided to cease their chanting. After they stopped they started getting ill. When they were chanting they were hardly ever ill. Studies show that when we chant frequently… our immune system is boosted up and we are less likely to become ill.

Neuroscience has accepted the benefit of mantras on our mind. Chanting a mantra lights up the frontal lobes of our brain. This increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the mind. Our Frontal lobes are responsible for thought, learning, perception and emotion. This means we can develop our mind through chanting.

Studies done at the University of Cleveland showed that those who were chanting had a psycholinguistic effect on their body… which increased healthy brain chemistry which resulted in healing.

Dr. Alan Watkins who is a researcher at Imperial College, London reports that chanting of any kind including Gregorian Chants, Indian Chants, and other chanting can actually generally heal the body.

Chanting helps to regulate the hypothalamus of the brain. We learn about this part of the brain in QT Level 2, which is the control centre of our emotions. We also learn in QT 2 about the amygdala being the part of the brain which is activated by fear. Chanting helps to calm down the amygdala which is also the anger response area of the brain.

Chanting calms both areas and this helps to heal the amygdala. Repeatedly doing so will reduce anxiety and anger.

A study done by the University of Hong Kong showed that when people were chanting and shown fear-inducing photos, areas of the brain that would normally light up when a person feels fear, on MRI scans, started to disappear.

A study done by Telles, Nagendra, and Nagarathna showed that those who chant have improved cardiac output and lower blood pressure.

Studies show that chanting creates more endorphins in our body and helps to create a better mindset. A study in the International Journal of Yoga using MRI showed that those who chanted actually stimulated the limbic system of the brain and helped those where were depressed. Chanting has been shown to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can also increase brain function for those suffering from strokes and epilepsy.

A study by Lavretsky in 2011 showed that when people chanted they had an increase in cellular telomerase activity… which slows our cellular ageing process. 

Chanting promotes a state of rest and repair. With fewer stress chemicals in our brains and bodies, we sleep better and thus we wake up feeling refreshed and calm.

I hope that all this science brings even more enjoyment to your Toning during your QT sessions. Now you know why it is so effective as a healing tool in QT!

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