Chakra balancing – the multivitamin of healing

Chakras are energy centres that are present in the central channel of the body. There are 7 main chakras that everyone agrees on.

A chakra balancing session can be compared to taking a multivitamin. It is a really great way to rebalance a person’s energy field in an all encompassing way. 

If a person is in their head too much and over thinks everything then there is more energy needed in their lower chakras. If a person is overly physical and feels distanced from their imagination and intuition, then there is a call for more energy in the upper chakras.

The best thing about a chakra balance is that in the same way that the cells know what to do when they heal, so do the chakras.

Each one will take as much or little energy as is needed and has its own blueprint of intelligence. All we need to do is offer the energy to each chakra.

To view a situation more positively and for a way to receive profound emotional healing, have a chakra balancing session. This can be a self healing session or a swap with a fellow QTer.

Chakra balancing is also particularly beneficial for people that have multiple physical issues. Each chakra is associated with the surrounding areas in the body. As you spin each chakra (in any direction) and move up through the body, you will be increasing the flow of Life Force Energy in all areas.

If you have some extra time then offering healing to chakras 8 – 12 is always an expansive experience! For example, when I want to feel more of the energy of possibilities and potential I spend more time charging up the 9th chakra. What do you want to feel more of? Bring more of your awareness into that chakra… 

This is a perfect way to start the week and open up to higher outcomes!

I have created my own Chakra Balancing Collection for you to easily rebalance each Chakra by simply listening to each meditation. Listen to 7 individual meditations for each of the 7 chakras and an additional bonus meditation that includes all 7 chakras. Feel the energy in each chakra as they energise, align and harmonise.

Tip: If you feel like you need an instant energy boost, spin all your chakras at the same time – it will wake your system up instantly!

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