Can Quantum-Touch affect our hormones?

The ultimate pharmaceutical dispensary has been existing within us our entire lives – yet most of us have little idea just how well-stocked we are, and how to regulate our own internal chemical tap.

As a child, we are born with a natural ability to be easily present and be deliciously playful with just about anything and anyone. We are automatically in a constant state of flow. From kicking a ball to see how high it goes to being fascinated with grasshoppers, children can often describe fascinating details about their surroundings because of their natural ability to be present. When we are present we notice much more externally than internally.

Anything can appear funny to a child and if they find a hobby they like, they are totally there. This level of crystal clear presence is a free gift that we all enter the world with and is much like a honeymoon effect in a relationship, requiring consistent nurture to keep the initial excitement alive. This level of presence is always here and available to us – our attention, however, is not.

Fast forward to being an adult that encounters stress – without the tools to deal with it. The previously constant vibrant experiences that naturally release feel good chemicals in our brains, can become more limited during times of complexity and this has an immediate and scientifically proven effect on our hormones.

The amount of blame that we are taught to place on our hormones as they “diminish with age”, can become a gateway to feeling out of control.

How can we regulate our hormones ourselves?

Dr. Christianne Northrup, considered the world’s leading authority on hormones teaches that we can learn how to regulate and stimulate our hormones ourselves. The more we are in a state of flow, in alignment with our heart’s desires and creating joyful experiences, the more we naturally release all the chemicals we need to flourish – naturally.

So how do we actually do this? We teach ourselves to return to the quality of clear presence that we experienced during childhood. We quit trying to “grow up”. I remember being in a lift as a teenager and catching the corner of my friend’s eye. The silence in the crowded lift made it an inappropriate place for us to laugh which resulted in us having uncontrollable giggles that lasted for 15 minutes after we had exited the building. The best part is that there was absolutely nothing that was even funny. 

I had no idea back then that during this side-splitting hilarity, I was flooding my body with oxytocin, dopamine and increasing my immune system which even has the ability to relieve intense pain. 

As adults, we have less of these uninhibited experiences. We spend a lot more time in our heads and are often distracted by technology. That is why Laughter Yoga is popular – because it reminds us how to simply laugh from our bellies again.

The easy short-term route that people often turn to is alcohol, drugs or food to stimulate these feel-good chemicals. 

It only takes an instant to reconnect to our bodies

The good news is that it only takes an instant to “return” to our bodies and reignite enough flickers of that feeling to switch your light back on – once you have relearned how to do so. 

When we are in a state of flow our creativity is rekindled and so is our desire to do more and be more of our best selves.

There is nothing more tiring than residing in our heads and nothing unbalances our hormones more than stress. As soon as we notice that we are in an unbalanced state of stress it is a signal that we have gone off-piste and to find our way back into our heart centre.

The antidote is understanding how to switch our happy hormones back on and let nature take care of the rest.

Our internal pharmacy releases oxytocin and dopamine ON TAP when we are feeling loving, listening to music, hugging, and moving in a way that we enjoy. As we reconnect to what we used to love to do as a child and bring more heart centred living into our day, our brain literally rewires itself. 

From a healing perspective, as we release the stress held in our minds and re-enter our bodies again, we gain clarity and that same childlike feeling of joy jumps back up again, along with our energy levels.

With consistent practice, we can find ourselves wanting to actively create many more experiences that reconnect us to our natural state – which is love and joy.

Illustration of chakras floating over the water and how we use chakras in Quantum Touch

A Quantum-Touch Chakra balancing is a brilliant way to remind the mind, body and spirit how it feels to be balanced and lighthearted.

What can you do at this moment to stimulate your internal pharmacy to produce exactly what you need right now? Because that is exactly what our brains are designed to do. 

We can switch it on ourselves and Quantum-Touch continually reroutes people back into their state of flow. It is a perfect reminder about how intelligent our bodies are when we are in our hearts.

The Level 2 workshop is all about connecting to the heart chakra and it is mind-blowing to witness how our physical bodies physically rebalance and literally change when we are in this state. 

Having taught many people to use these easy to learn techniques it is clear for us all to see that a heart that’s nourished – will naturally flourish.

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