Quantum-Touch’s approach to digestion and emotions

Is there a specific way to help digestion with Quantum-Touch?

In a word – yes!

With Quantum-Touch Level 1 we focus on raising the frequency in the body and then hand it over to the Inner Healer to create its innate magic. All that is required is to enter the postcode into the Satnav (set an intention) and watch energy duly find the quickest route to the desired destination.

In Level 1 we also learn about where to place our hands to help specific conditions.

In Supercharging we take this even further as we learn a specific way to help a highly common issue for so many people – healing the digestive system.

The beauty of the Supercharging approach to digestive issues is that we begin by first using our “transforming emotional wounds” technique. Science has proven that our gut health affects our emotions and in Quantum-Touch we address both aspects.  Only once we have raised the emotional frequency, do we use our “digestive healing” technique.

This has a very balancing effect and when we can use this on ourselves frequently, the vibration of the digestive system will begin to entrain to a much higher energy. This effects our immune system, our moods and the type of foods we are drawn to. The Supercharging toolbox is packed with specific techniques that are truly potent. It reminds me of a stunning fireworks display with its multitude of colours, shapes and the ability to focus our attention in healing for longer periods of time.

If you have Quantum-Touch Level 2 in your toolbox then use the Icons technique to vivify your digestive system and notice how that has a domino effect on everything else.

Let us know how you get on!

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