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How has Self Created Health changed the way I help people and my practice?

I thought I would write this up and share it with you all as I am often asked many questions about the difference between Quantum Touch (QT) level I, II and Self Created Health. So I would like to offer an explanation to those who are using QT either seriously in your own therapeutic sessions with people, and also those of you who want to help yourself, friends and family.

Self Created Health is a totally stand alone workshop in terms of the content and the approach. In QT I we work mainly with hands on healing and learn how to align bones with energy, distance healing, self healing and much more. In QT II we learn how love affects absolutely everything and how malleable we are. We work hands off and work more deeply with structure, the brain and the 10 chakras for manifesting and changing beliefs. I have always said that QTII blows it all out the water and is totally transformative.

What is Self Created Health?

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

Simply put… Self Created Health is a complete life and game changer. It could be said that Self Created Health is for people who are ready and want to get to the bottom of their physical condition. Self Created Health takes you way beyond that “point”, and immediately gives you a way to understand the hidden yet mind blowingly obvious clues in a person’s language.

The key to remember is that unless you know what you are looking for it is usually difficult to find. This is especially true for seeing our own stories and being able to detach from them to see clearly enough. That is why the discovery process is done with a partner in Self Created Health, because your partner will be able to help you find the emotional trigger event to your physical condition within 45 minutes. Once you have practised this process a few times you will be able to do this within 20 – 30 minutes. The accuracy of this process is astounding and even though I have now done this with clients hundreds of times, I continue to be gobsmacked at the precise nature of our actions and how they play out in our body.

Knowing the cause of the condition usually releases about 20-30% of the symptoms immediately. The rest release throughout the remaining steps in the process. All the repressed and unacknowledged anger is expressed which frees up an enormous amount of energy followed by huge insights, deep self care, forgiveness and ultimately ending up where all healing must go to truly heal – Self Love.

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” – Marianne Williamson

Self Created Health excites me because I am so certain of its accuracy. It enables me to work profoundly with clients who are suffering from diseases with “big” names and the possibilities are so far reaching.

Self Created Health requires the commitment to see the entire process through to the other side and the rewards are the experience of a physical, emotional and spiritual healing. There is no hands on healing in Self Created Health, it is more a spiritual and emotional healing of the psyche given in a way that is so loving and easy to learn.

Everyone who is interested in helping themselves, loved ones and taking their client work to another level should learn Self Created Health. Quantum Touch will soon be creating an official SCH practitioner program for those that wish to use this work in a formal setting with clients.

I can personally say that it has transformed my own healing work and practise and allowed me the privilege to help many people at a very transformative level.

Testimonials from past Self Created Health participants

When I did Level 1 is was amazed. When I did Level 2 I was stunned by its simplicity and beauty. Now I’ve done Self Created Health and am awestruck. Thanks Karina and my fellow workshoppers for sharing your experiences and love xx – Sue Rigby

I’ve had CFS for 10 years. At my worst I was housebound but in recent years have improved enough to be able to work. Earlier this year I did the Self Created Health workshop with Karina because I felt that emotional health was the one area I really hadn’t addressed. The workshop was excellent because Karina taught us the techniques we need to address emotional problems as they arise in life. Since doing the workshop I’ve had major health breakthroughs which have resulted in some symptoms, such as muscle, joint and back pain and heart palpitations disappearing completely. My energy level, while still not 100%, is much more stable than before. Migraines and headaches also seem to have completely disappeared and the depression has gone since I did the process about 4-5 weeks ago. The benefits have been incredible and I am very grateful to Karina for introducing me to Self Created Health and for being such a wonderful teacher. – Emily Johnson, UK

My sister flew in last week for tests, with the consultants talking about ‘when’ with regards to surgery and cancer rather than ‘if’. We are both big on energy work and healing so she was totally open to my offer of going through a Self Created Health process. We had such a powerful session together last Friday, with me sending her some Quantum energy whilst she was going through her 20 minutes of pain focus. Yesterday she received the ‘benign, all fine’ results and whilst certainly deserving of huge credit for her positive approach throughout, she is adamant that it was the Self Created Health process that was responsible for turning it around. – Cass Bennett, UK

The Self Created Health seminar has been the best ever healing experience I have ever experienced in a long 37 years of learning natural therapies. It gets to the real root of all health problems and trapped emotions.”
Dr Ronnie Turner, Founder of the Irish Guild of Chiropractic – Chiropractor, acupuncturist and homeopath

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