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Dr Lissa Rankin – The shocking truth about your health

Dr Lissa Rankin is a leading inspirational medical doctor who explores the science behind the placebo effect, spontaneous remission and how the body is able to heal itself. I am so excited about her work, it gives total scientific validation to what we are doing with Quantum Touch. She now guides her clients with her new wellness model based on a deep understanding about the foundation of good health existing within the emotional body.

I was particularly struck by the direct similarities between her work around finding the emotional mirror of the physical condition in order to truly heal. This is exactly what we do in the Self Created Health workshop. I hope you enjoy the video, it is a powerful reminder of why Self Created Health is a vital part of the healing experience.

I invite you to join me on 9th & 10th March 2014 to teach you a discovery process that will change the way you look at your health forever. Attending this workshop gives you an opportunity to ask questions, learn in a very safe and comfortable group setting and do the entire process during the workshop.

What others say about SCH?

The Self Created Health seminar has been the best ever healing experience I have ever experienced in a long 37 years of learning natural therapies. It gets to the real root of all health problems and trapped emotions.”
Dr Ronnie Turner, Founder of the Irish Guild of Chiropractic – Chiropractor, acupuncturist and homeopath

My sister flew in last week for tests, with the consultants talking about ‘when’ with regards to surgery and cancer rather than ‘if’. We are both big on energy work and healing so she was totally open to my offer of going through a Self Created Health process. We had such a powerful session together last Friday, with me sending her some Quantum energy whilst she was going through her 20 minutes of pain focus. Yesterday she received the ‘benign, all fine’ results and whilst certainly deserving of huge credit for her positive approach throughout, she is adamant that it was the Self Created Health process that was responsible for turning it around.”
Cass Bennett, UK

Self Created Health is an amazing course. I can’t believe it is so simple and so quick at getting to the root cause of a condition. I would recommend that everyone should try this. Things come up that you would never have imagined are the cause. Simply brilliant. Thank you soo much! xxx”
Sophie Watson, UK
Pharmacy Technician and holistic practitioner

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