Your chakras play a vital role in your emotional and physical well-being. Each chakra correlates to different systems within the body, emotions and and our level of health.

Play this recording to balance your chakras which is like a healing multivitamin for your body whilst practising the Quantum-Touch Level 1 techniques. Having balanced chakras feels incredibly grounding with a balanced connection to both heaven and earth. Chakra balancing is very relaxing and is a perfect gift to give yourself and others for overall healing. This is also very helpful for people who have multiple physical issues that they wish to heal and for emotional balancing.

Other Meditations

  1. Chakra Balancing Collection

    Listen to 7 individual meditations for each of the 7 chakras and an additional bonus meditation that includes all 7 chakras.

  2. The Essential Mindfulness Collection

    This collection has a mindful meditation to suit each intention and bring your back to the present moment, at different times of the day. Simply listen to something that will relax and reset you so easily again and again.

    Sale £8.99 £13.99
  3. Quantum-Touch Morning Meditation

    A short and dynamic recording for you to listen to in the morning as an empowered start to your day whilst practising your Quantum-Touch Level 1 techniques.

  4. Quantum-Touch Brain Healing

    This Level II Quantum Touch practice audio download has been created to bring healing energy to different parts of your brain.

  5. Balancing Structure

    Using the Quantum Touch Level II techniques this audio recording focuses on balancing structure and can be used as a self healing practice session.

    Sale £5.99 £9.99

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