Do your emotions influence your posture or is it the other way around?

One of the first benefits that people notice after Quantum-Touch healing sessions is that they stand straighter and taller.

As our hip bones align and the spine starts to straighten we feel incredibly clear-headed and our emotional state begins to change.

Tony Robbins teaches that the first and fastest way to change your emotional state is to change your physiology. Standing straighter and with more energy in your physical body, rather than your mind will have an immediate effect on your emotions.

Karina with her late father Bernard GrantWhen I first learned Quantum-Touch and was giving healing to my Father to help with Parkinson’s dis-ease I would focus solely on his structural alignment. The effects were multidimensional and I maintain that regardless of what you are giving healing to, balancing structure will always have great benefit.

When you begin your Quantum-Touch sessions take a moment to adjust your physiology and smile. Studies show that regularly smiling increases endorphins and other natural painkillers, and serotonin.

Diagram showing the Psoas Muscle

Include the psoas muscle

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we give healing to a group of muscles and tendons that allow for much more space and alignment to take place in the body. In particular, the psoas muscle is a powerful place to give healing to. It is the largest muscle in the body and covers several chakras. So much so that there have been entire books written just about this muscle.

Our emotions are held in our structure and as we align bones, muscles, and tendons with Quantum-Touch we also release stuck emotions too. People often find themselves literally physically unwinding in the Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshops.

Physiology influences our energy flow

Stretching and lengthening our muscles also have an influence on the way we feel. A restricted mind will be reflected in a restricted body and vice versa. Studies have shown that a stooped posture leads to more negative thoughts overall compared to straight or control postures.

Even using our eyes to look far into the distance will have an effect on whether our mind is focused internally on our thoughts or externally on our surroundings. Shifting our eye position will also have an effect on our posture. As our focus becomes more mindful our spine naturally begins to straighten more. Space is created in our structure and this, in turn, allows for more space in our mind.

A Harvard Business School Study showed that when a person sits or stands in a pose that is full of energy and inner strength their testosterone increases by 20%. The stress hormone cortisol reduces by 25% and their risk tolerance increases by 33%.

Being conscious of our posture, physiology, and facial expressions will increase our vibration and contribute to a much higher energy healing session. Studies even show that sitting in a hunched-over way with a drooping head can evoke certain unpleasant memories. Therefore the opposite is also true. Standing or sitting in a way that allows more energy to flow through you will make it easier for you to tap into positive and happier memories, emotions and feelings.

Try it now. Remember a time that you felt empowered and happy? Notice how your mind naturally stimulates your body to shift positions. We can do this at will and influence our minds to produce happier thoughts by changing our physiology first. After you read this article, stand in an empowered way. Doing this regularly is proven to have a very positive effect on our happiness.

Remind yourself to bring this into your Quantum-Touch sessions and let me know what you notice about the way that the energy flows.

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