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Quantum-Touch Manifestation Mala Necklace


Crafted with a cherry wood pendant and adorned with 108 sandalwood and citrine gemstone beads, the Manifestation Mala embodies a synergy of natural elements.

Citrine and Sandalwood Mala charged With Life Force Energy

Introducing the Manifestation Mala Necklace

Embark on a journey of healing and manifestation with our Quantum-Touch workshops, where the power of life-force energy is harnessed for transformative healing experiences. Now, immerse yourself in this energy with the Manifestation Mala Necklace!

A Groundbreaking Revelation: Energizing Objects with Quantum-Touch Healing Energy

In 2017, Richard Gordon, the visionary behind Quantum-Touch, made a groundbreaking discovery that expands the horizons of Quantum-Touch. Through 56 innovative experiments, he unraveled a remarkable capability: infusing objects with energy and intent using Quantum-Touch. The implications were profound, reshaping our understanding of healing dynamics.

Cherry Wood Pendant, Sandalwood, and Citrine: The Essence of Manifestation

Crafted with a cherry wood pendant and adorned with 108 sandalwood and citrine gemstone beads, the Manifestation Mala embodies a synergy of natural elements. Cherry wood symbolizes purity, abundance, and enduring love, while citrine exudes energies of prosperity, joy, and vitality. Sandalwood, revered for its meditative properties, enriches the mala with heightened awareness and manifestation power.

Empower Your Manifestation Journey

Designed to amplify your manifestation prowess, each bead is meticulously selected to enhance your ability to manifest your deepest desires. Embrace the variations in color and design, for they signify the unique essence of each mala, handcrafted with love and intention.

Infused with Universal Life Force Energy

Imbued with love and interconnected with all Quantum-Touch charged products, the Manifestation Mala Necklace resonates with a high vibration of Universal Life Force Energy. Continuously charged by Richard Gordon and the Quantum-Touch team, its energy evolves over time, nurturing well-being at its core.

Unlock Your Healing Potential

While the mala serves as a conduit for healing energy, its true power lies within you. Let your heart guide you as you embark on your journey of manifestation and transformation.Experience the manifestation potential of the Quantum-Touch Manifestation Mala Necklace today. Embark on a journey of healing and transformation unlike any other.

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