Quantum-Touch Balancing Structure


Using the Quantum-Touch Level II techniques this audio recording focuses on balancing structure and can be used as a self healing practice session.

Using the Quantum-Touch Level II techniques this audio recording focuses on balancing structure and can be used as a self-healing practice session. You can also listen to this to assist with healing others.

Karina has divided these audio files into separate tracks so that you can choose which areas you wish to focus on and adjust your sessions according to your own timing.

Having a balanced physical structure is so beneficial physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is recommended for all types of healing and can benefit all conditions.

Please note that these recordings were created by Karina to assist with your Quantum-Touch practice and are not Quantum-Touch Inc official products.

Track 1  – Into the heart space

This introduction to balancing structure opens up your heart and relaxes you into the healing.

Track 2 – Hips, Occiputs, Sphenoid

Bringing our awareness to these three parts of our structure which works so well together and is incredibly balancing.

Track 3 – Psoas muscle, piriformis, Quadratus Lumborum

Your psoas muscle is a very large and important muscle in the body that spans over several of our chakras, making it both physically and emotionally very significant. Giving your loving energy to the psoas, piriformis and quadratus lumborum together opens up the lower back and creates space for profound structural healing to occur. This is especially helpful for sciatica, lower back and hip issues.

Track 4 – C1 – C7 and moving heart energy through the spine

During the penultimate track of this practice session we move energy through C1 to C7 which opens up the neck vertebrae. C7 in particular is a powerful gateway in the body to healing the entire spine and is both physically and spiritually significant in healing. This is concluded by connecting to the spine as a whole.

Track 5 – Re connecting with your intention

Reconnecting with our initial intention set at the beginning we bring this practice session to a close and ground ourselves into the present moment.

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