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Quantum-Touch Prosperity Mala

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Adorned with a radiant citrine pendant, lovingly hand-wrapped with hypoallergenic antique bronze copper core wire, the Prosperity Mala exudes elegance and positivity

Infused with Love!

Experience the transformative energy of abundance with the Quantum-Touch Prosperity Mala, charged with love and interconnected with all Quantum-Touch charged products. Richard Gordon and the Quantum-Touch team have imbued these malas with a potent vibration of Universal Life Force Energy, nurturing well-being at its core.

Crafted with Care: Citrine, Tiger Eye, and Copper

Adorned with a radiant citrine pendant, lovingly hand-wrapped with hypoallergenic antique bronze copper core wire, the Prosperity Mala exudes elegance and positivity. Its 108 individually knotted gemstones, featuring citrine and tiger eye, are meticulously crafted with love.

Unlocking Abundance: Citrine and Tiger Eye

Citrine’s vibrant energy uplifts the spirit, infusing it with positivity and clearing any imbalances within the solar plexus chakra. Ideal for intentions of happiness, confidence, manifestation, and wealth, citrine embodies the essence of prosperity.

Tiger Eye, renowned for its ability to enhance wealth and vitality, balances the soul, alleviates anxiety, and restores confidence. Together, citrine and tiger eye amplify our innate ability to manifest abundance on all levels.

Continuously Energized:

As the malas remain entwined with all Quantum-Touch charged products, Richard Gordon and the Quantum-Touch team sustain their distant charging. Thus, the energy of the Prosperity Mala evolves over time, ensuring it remains perpetually charged.

Your Key to Abundance:

While the mala serves as a conduit for healing energy, its true power is unleashed from within you. Allow your heart to be the catalyst for unlocking its transformative presence.

Discover the Potential:

Experience the healing potential of the Quantum-Touch Prosperity Mala today and embark on a journey of abundance unlike any other!

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