Quantum-Touch Healing for body pains

When people attend the Quantum-Touch workshops they are usually amazed at how fast healing can happen.

Read 2 people’s experiences of Quantum-Touch below and how pain has literally been eliminated after a healing session.
Quantum-Touch is easy to learn and a life-changing skill that anyone can learn. 

Hip pain is gone

“I attended Karina’s Level 1 workshop in 2019.  I had no idea what this workshop will do for me. I had some pain in my hips and on the first day she gave just a few minutes of Quantum-Touch and to my astonishment, within just a few minutes my pain had gone! Some people may or may not believe that this has happened, but it did!
I am learning the second course now and would recommend Karina’s workshops.
She has a very relaxed and respectful attitude towards all her students. She is always smiling.
Many thanks, Karina”
GP Practice Manager, London

Des uses Quantum-Touch to help Elsa’s knee pain go to zero

“Elsa had had a pain on her knee for a long time which visits to the doctors and physiotherapy had not solved.

A few days before coming to see me she had a fall and had a lot of trouble climbing the few steps to my office with the help of the friend who brought her. During the Quantum-Touch session, a lot of loud creaking went on. She was shouting “está a estalar, está a estalar” it s creaking, it’s creaking in Portuguese.

When she got down from the table she was going  “I can t believe it, I can t believe it.” So I joked ” can you do the can-can? And she started dancing repeating I can t believe it, I can t believe it.”

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