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The energy keeps on healing – Yasmin’s pain shifts over several days

Healing can show up days later after a session

Each person absorbs energy at a different pace that is perfect for them. This means that sometimes healing will show up the next day or a few days later. A person can leave a healing session feeling exactly the same as they did when they arrived and this is where trusting the process is essential. The healing will flow through many layers that are beyond our interpretation. Perhaps an emotional clearing was what was needed first before the physical shifts become apparent. Luckily Life Force Energy is divinely intelligent and we don’t actually need to know what should be prioritized.

Yasmin’s shifts evolved over several days

Yasmin had distance healing and had several pains to be addressed. Her healing absorbed at the perfect pace for her and continued to unravel a few days after the session took place. Some of what we addressed is also still evolving and this is just right for her.

This is a perfect reminder to us to simply hold a high vibrational space that feels so enjoyable to us and hopefully even blissful – and totally let go of the result. The healing energy often continues for several days after a session which is an added bonus!

Thank you Karina for the healing session. During the session, my pain in the left elbow and left finger came down from 6 to 2 and my feet from 8 to 2. You also worked on my throat. Again the discomfort was 6/7 and after the healing, it was completely fine.

After a couple of days, the pain from my elbow and finger has almost gone. My feet are also much better and I feel I need a couple of days to integrate this as I am sure it is going to heal.

Thank you again Karina for the wonderful healing session.

2 days later –

I’m good… The discomfort is much better.
Almost done to 0!

Yasmin Z, NHS Nurse



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