After 2 days of Quantum-Touch Level 2 Tyroon is able to walk without a crutch for his foot

The night before Summer Solstice in Somerset

When I arrived in Somerset, England to teach a group of people Quantum-Touch level 2 over the Summer Solstice I felt it was going to be a special workshop when I saw the sky the night before. As usual the group was filled with people from all professions including legal teams, NHS nursing, IT hardware support, therapists, children’s trauma specialists and anyone wanting to learn a new life changing skill.

Tyroon Win had an extra special result in the workshop. He arrived using a crutch and in excruciating pain after a fall a few weeks ago. He left the workshop no longer needing painkillers and able to walk without leaning on the crutch.

Watch this before and after video to see Tyroon’s fantastic result. He is looking forward to even more healing in the upcoming Supercharging workshop.

Ty before and after video
The Quantum-Touch workshops attract people from all walks of life and diverse professions
Absorbing the energy at 10.14am when the sun was at its strongest on Summer Solstice

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