Lizzy’s life changes after QT heals her 2-year old’s sleep issues

When Lizzy May Frazier arrived at my Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop, she literally had not slept for 2 years due to her son’s sleep issues. Lizzy’s incredible career as a professional cellist performing with international celebrities had to go on hold due to her exhaustion. Read Lizzy’s beautiful and inspirational words below about how her life has dramatically changed since learning Quantum-Touch. I am so delighted to have been able to share these techniques with Lizzy, who is such a heart centred person!

“Quantum-Touch has changed my life in a profound way. I had never considered that any sort of energy healing could actually work and previously thought it was all probably just a bit of fun. I came into the first class as a last resort desperately looking for help to get my 2-year-old son to sleep through the night. We had seen numerous sleep consultants and doctors and had tried every gadget, sleep routine, and training available.

Nothing had worked and I was completely delirious after not sleeping for more than a few hours for the past 2 years. I never before considered that motherhood could take such a toll on my body through total exhaustion.

I really enjoyed Karina’s teaching. She was wonderfully warm and radiated inspiring positive energy from the first class. After learning the techniques, I still felt like a bit of a skeptic inside, even though I had thoroughly enjoyed the course and made some great new friends.”

We were amazed at what happened

“My husband and I went through the sleep training steps again on our son the following night, while I did distance healing on him from downstairs. To our amazement, he went to sleep after only 10 minutes of QT, and then slept through the night!! I just couldn’t believe it! (I feel like crying with joy just remembering this moment once again!) I did the same QT techniques on him again the following night and he fell asleep after just 5 minutes. He has slept through the night ever since.

We have all felt so much happier as a family since this moment and I feel I am able to finally really enjoy being a Mummy. My son and I are now able to bounce off each other with joyful energy and have lots of fun together! It really is a true miracle, and I’m extremely grateful to Karina for teaching me Quantum-Touch.”

My career is now back on track

“I am a professional musician and manager and have performed the cello all over the world with Take That, Rihanna and Ellie Goulding, and in lots of wonderful venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Buckingham Palace for the Queen. I thought my career might be over after having a child and no sleep for so long, but I have now got it back on track and am absolutely delighted to be performing again.

Thanks to Quantum-Touch!I am now also very excited about combining QT with playing the cello.

It’s incredibly healing and powerful mixing music and energy healing and I’m really enjoying exploring this fully on my new adventure. Thank you Karina for opening my heart and world to this wonderful modality. It has enormously enhanced my inner peace, love for others, and joy for life!”

Lizzy May Frazier

Babies and children usually only need little bit of QT healing to make a big difference. This is a perfect example of that! Have you used QT with children and babies? Please share your experiences, we love hearing them!  

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