Universal Children’s Day

I love the theme of Universal Children’s Day. It is about unity and awareness amongst all children. Sharing Quantum Touch with children is literally full of sparkles and joy. They are so open to being playful and accepting the principles of “Magic Hands” so excitedly, that their energy flows to a sky high level with ease.

I taught both my children how to use “Magic Hands” as soon as I could. Now my eldest who is nearly 5 can easily go and assist my youngest who is 3, whenever he needs it. He instinctively puts his hands over the area and I have watched tears turn into laughter within seconds. Their healing sessions can last 15 seconds and can literally shift tears of genuine pain into giggles and happiness. The result is a change of state that means playing can continue effortlessly. It is magical to witness.

This is a skill that is now so natural for them that they don’t even ask me to do it anymore – they do it themselves.

I taught them to imagine they are Superheros with special powers. Kids love to pretend they have powers and teaching them a healing skill, reaffirms that they do have magical healing powers.

Some creative visualisations that I created for their healing techniques are:

They love driving their Super Healmobile as they imagine driving up the body (sweeping) in their magical Healmobile. The headlights shines out beams of light ahead and the exhaust pipe at the back sends out lots of sparks of light (amplified resonance technique) which really moves the energy.

Beaming healing lights into the body as they imagine driving their SuperHealer Healmobile

The Super Healmobile also has a music system and can make awesome sounds whilst they drive through the body. They choose a favourite letter or a favourite sound – such as an instrument, baby elephant whooshing healing water through the pain with its trunk, and the wind moving the trees as they drive past them on the way.

Slope Breath

They LOVE it!

What I really notice is that adults also love to use these techniques. I have always believed that the more childlike we are in our healing sessions, the higher the energy goes. Being playful is a key principle in healing.

So today I invite you to embrace your inner child and play, play, play away during your QT healing sessions!

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