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Beautiful England – Quantum Touch workshop in Bristol, Somerset

This past month also led me on a magical journey to Somerset, a place where I feel very at home and hope to return again soon. Every time I visit Somerset I am reminded of the immense beauty that exists within England and how much more there is to see, feel and experience on all levels outside of London. The varying shades of green that span across the Somerset Levels are simply breathtaking and the Sacred Sites have laid the foundations for extremely powerful places to facilitate healing work.

I was therefore very happy when Kinesiology teacher Rosie Dowbekin contacted me and asked me to teach a Quantum Touch workshop in Somerset. We were lucky enough to have two very charming venues on each of the 2 days and I made some wonderful connections within the group that I know will continue. Some of the participants were therapists and it always excites and interests me to hear how people integrate and blend Quantum Touch with their main skills and practice. Thank you Rosie for bringing me to one of my favourite places and giving me the opportunity to share QT with you all – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here is some of the feedback received since this workshop:

Dawn had a really amazing result with a man with very uneven hips, that means that one leg is about one and a half inches longer than the other. He has seen chiropractors and osteopaths in the past, but nothing helps for long. Dawn has worked on him with kinesiology, but although there is always improvement, his legs are usually still about half an inch out by the end of the session. Anyway, after about 20 minutes of QT his hips were totally even and so were his legs – neither Dawn or the man could quite believe it!!”

“I have used the chakra balance several times, and added it to the way I normally treat chakras. Every time, I have had comments from the clients that they could really feel sensations and heat in the chakra areas. I have not had comments when I have worked on the chakras before, so this is really exciting.

It is amazing how much stronger the sensations are in my hands even in such a short time. I enjoy the feeling of ‘buzzing’ that I can’t stop doing it and practice at every moment I can! “

“The workshop was a life changing experience. Complexity crystallised into simple easy to use ways. I will use it for self development on a personal level and being able to give to those around me globally – such potential.”
S.B, Bristol
Nutritional Therapist

If you would like to organise a workshop in your area and/or for a private group please click here.

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