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90% of illness is caused by stress according to the US Centre of Disease Control

According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), 90% of illness and disease is caused by stress.

Watch this very short video by the amazing Dr Bruce Lipton on epigenetics. Rather than our genes being programs that control our lives, Dr Lipton proves our genes are controlled by the internal organisms perception of the environment.

If the internal “leadership” of our 50 trillion cells is off balance it results in the formation of disease. If we change our perception then we can change our gene activity. Watch the short 1 minute video to hear the rest.

This is an absolutely brilliant explanation about why Self Created Health has the ability to turnaround major diseases.

By shifting our “internal leadership” and perception of our environment our cells respond accordingly to the new messages being given.

If 90% if illness is knowingly caused by stress then what happens when we remove the stress – we heal. This is our innate divine design.

Self Created Health is an easy, fast and profound way to shift our own perceptions on trauma, disease and a powerful way to work with clients and loved ones. We find the emotional cause and release it during the workshop in class. I believe everyone should take this workshop and reconnect the mind, body and spirit to Love.

Take a last minute leap to health and join me on one of my workshops, I would love to share the tools with you to Self Create your Health. This is something I feel we all deserve to have – to your great health!

“My sister flew in last week for tests, with the consultants talking about ‘when’ with regards to surgery and cancer rather than ‘if’. We are both big on energy work and healing so she was totally open to my offer of going through a SCH process. We had such a powerful session together last Friday, with me sending her some Quantum energy whilst she was going through her 20 minutes of pain focus. Yesterday she received the ‘benign, all fine’ results and whilst certainly deserving of huge credit for her positive approach throughout, she is adamant that it was the SCH process that was responsible for turning it around.”

Cass Bennett, UK

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