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4 years of chronic fatigue – gone! Raine uses the Self Created Health process with amazing results…

How much do our emotions influence our level of physical energy? What happens when we are able to safely release our suppressed emotions?

Going through the Self Created Health process with Karina relieved me entirely of the chronic fatigue syndrome and since I have done it I feel like a live wire. All my energy has come back, I am literally buzzing with energy and I feel like myself again.

Watch Raine’s video to hear her words about how much Self Created Health has changed her life. After 4 years of chronic fatigue, she has all her energy back and is bouncing with energy!

“When I first read Karina’s email about Self Created Health, I immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I had recently undergone surgery to remove my breast implants as I knew that they had been making me ill.

In addition to that very physical cause of my illness, I also knew that there was a lot of unresolved trauma that had been causing the chronic fatigue syndrome that I had been experiencing for 4 years.

As Raine says in her video, she was happy to take a deep dive into this process which requires a high level of self-honesty and expressing our suppressed emotions. Raine’s willingness to explore all her feelings in such an authentic way created a space for her emotions to be seen, felt, and profoundly released.

Does our body really speak our minds?

We feel our emotions in our bodies physically and the most underlying emotion that is present in all physical conditions is anger. Self Created Health is a 7 step process for people that wish to find out the precise emotional triggers being mirrored within their physical symptoms, and safely release what has been suppressed.

The emotions we do not want to feel are felt physically instead – in a very literal way. We are actually always feeling them – that is the irony.

This huge emotional release is very healing, however, there are further steps required to complete the process.

The end result is a level of emotional freedom that can feel absolutely liberating. I have been teaching Self Created Health for many years and this process continues to amaze me!

Read more about the 7 steps in Self Created Health

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