Who are today’s wellness pioneers at work?

If Covid has given employees one positive gift, it is to foster a stronger culture and focus on wellbeing and health. 

I would like to give kudos to a company that has truly pioneered the type of offerings that employees can enjoy learning, to increase their health and wellbeing. 

It was an absolute joy to be contacted by Ian Randolph, Head of Product and R&D at Tailify to find out more about how I can teach his team to have more energy and learn energy healing techniques. 

Tailify are an international company that specialise in the Science of Influence with partners as huge as Coca Cola, Adidas, Uber, Disney and Nokia. 

I was invited to teach a “lunch and learn” online session about how we can use breathing, focused visualisation and energy healing to increase our level of energy and mental health. This was incredibly well attended and I was subsequently invited to teach a Quantum-Touch energy healing workshop, over 4 evenings to those that wished to attend.

It has been brilliant to see how people from totally different departments and with unique skill sets have been able to embrace these new skills and learn how to use them effectively in their work and personal life.

Tailify are pioneers in the science of influence and this pioneering attitude is clearly reflected in how forward-thinking they are with their wellbeing offerings to employees. 

Hearing many comments during the workshop such as

I haven’t felt this relaxed in at least a year

I was able to use what you taught me to help my 5-year-old daughter with her tummy ache

My anxiety has gone, I just feel so peaceful

My shoulder pain has totally released

amongst many other inspiring comments shows me how important it is to offer NEW ways to help ourselves in the workplace.

The Tailify employees also have access to my mindfulness collection of meditations and audios to refresh their workshop skills.

Covid-19 propelled us into a new world where it is an absolute must to learn how to take care of our health, both physically and mentally.

I am delighted to assist people in their personal life with this and also to teach these life-changing tools in companies that wish to have an empowered workforce. 

I realised that “healing at work” was going to become commonplace when I was invited to give a talk about energy healing in The British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change several years ago. I am honoured to have taught many change making CEO’s in my workshops that truly feel the value of having employees equipped with a self healing skill. 

Truly innovative leaders want to share these amazing skills with those around them. I am thrilled to be part of this new shift towards a high-energy workforce that has the skills they require to stay on top of their mental and physical health.

If you would like a taste of this in your company then please do get in touch with me.

“Karina is a masterful energy healer whose work has been a great blessing to my company and to me personally. Her 1-hour workshop at Tailify lit a fire of possibility, and now a good portion of the company will receive formal training in how to work with energy both for well being and for the productivity of our business. She is a pleasure and a treasure.”

Ian Randolph, Head of Product R&D at Tailify

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