What do Dr Joe. Dispenza’s teachings and Quantum-Touch Level 2 have in common?

Heart and brain illustration

In 1978 Richard Gordon knew immediately that he had discovered something huge when he started exploring the energy in the heart chakra. In today’s scientific world we know that Richard tapped into the blissful feeling that happens in a state of heart brain coherence.

It took him another two decades of exploration and playing with this special heart energy until he launched the Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop, because in typical Richard style – he wanted to see how far we can go with this energy for healing purposes.

The entire Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop takes place in the heart. This level of attention in such a mystical energy centre could seem otherworldly. 

Yet the amount of science that pioneers such as the HeartMath Institute and Dr. Joe Dispenza showcase, gives an evidence based indication of what happens in the body when the heart is stimulated in a loving way. 

It is referred to as heart brain coherence because when we stimulate the heart chakra/symbolic heart with a loving feeling it sends immediate signals to the brain to regulate the physiological systems in the body.

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 we are constantly creating heart coherence.

This example below will blow you away.

For example; Marie’s housemate has epilepsy and she has had 4 or 5 episodes in the last year. The last time it happened Marie decided to use some of the Quantum-Touch Level 2 techniques that she had just learned. She decided to send some heart energy from her heart to her housemate’s heart.

“I was quite amazed at how quickly it worked. I wasn’t feeling relaxed or particularly calm and I wasn’t in my best meditation pose. Yet the minute I thought about sending my heart energy to her, she stopped the shaking and trembling. It was really quick.

The most striking thing was that after this we both just spontaneously hugged before which we have never done before. This experience really made me feel that coming from my heart space really changed the turn of events so I am very grateful to Karina for such a wonderful course and learning these techniques.

Marie – previous level 2 student

Quantum-Touch Level 2 gives you an IMMEDIATE experience of the powerhouse of healing that exists in the heart chakra. It is life fuel – literally.

If you have taken Quantum-Touch Level 1 and you want to learn even easier, fun and fast ways to rebalance structure, the brain and learn new manifesting techniques, then jump in to this expansive sea of possibilities. You will emerge feeling just like the title of Richard Gordon’s book “A new Human”. This is guaranteed!

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