The power of total immersion

Why do I want to hear the same content again and again?

Last week I attended a 5 day Tony Robbins online event – again!

This was the 8th Tony Robbins event that I attended. The first was 20 years ago!

Tony was the first teacher that made a massive impact in my life and taught me about the power of total immersion. 

With this in mind I knew that if I wanted to practice more Yoga this year that it would be best to jump in and sign up for a 30 day challenge. 

To truly learn something we need to integrate it into our mind and body until it is literally wired into our system. 

All my years of teaching and practicing energy therapies have taught me that happiness emerges from the quality of our habits. And more importantly that as we enhance our daily habits – we literally change our identity and how we see ourselves. This changes everything.

Repetition is the mother of skill

This is why I always repeat several of the same programs and workshops so many times. 

The founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon calls this state being “integrated”. When our reactions and thoughts have transformed then we know we have integrated a new identity. Once we identify as a person that can and does reach for Quantum-Touch frequently- we resonate at a new frequency.  

Many QTers say that they find themselves naturally giving themselves Quantum-Touch as they fall asleep and they often find themselves subconsciously breathing using the 4-4 breath.

The only way to experience the power of total immersion in Quantum-Touch is to put yourself in the experiences that open up your practice more – ad infinitum. 

Everytime I teach a workshop I learn more by witnessing other people’s shifts and their new insights.

Each time I give Quantum-Touch to a client I experience more of the healing abilities of Life Force Energy and how connected we all are. 

Mind, body and spirit

Quantum-Touch does wonders for our mind, body and spirit. If you have attended a workshop then you will have experienced this for yourself. A workshop is a deep dive into healing waters. After that it is our own momentum that keeps us floating continuously in this high energy state. 

Momentum is created by constantly diving back into the water and experiencing Quantum-Touch as if for the very first time. The more you do this – the more you will be literally amazed by what we are all capable of.

People remember experiences more than anything in life. Create more healing experiences than ever before and you will anchor this high vibration into your psyche.

This is why every ancient tradition has repetitive prayers and rituals – to create infinite experiences of spiritual connection. Human beings need constant reminders of what we already know. 

Most of our day is dictated by our habits. Having a high energy is a state of being that we all have the ability to wire into our mind, body and spirit – by simply keeping up the momentum of high energy habits. 

This is why repeating workshops, attending healing circles and giving frequent Quantum-Touch healings to others is such an important part of life.

Each time we show up we hear and feel things in a new way. We grow more, we become more and we can give more.

The single most important thing is to keep our energy moving, continually change our state – and keep raising it.

Even 1 minute of Quantum-Touch breathing will bring you back into the flow, making this a habit that becomes our “emotional home”.

How can you increase the flow of Quantum-Touch in your life right now and raise your energy?

Try setting your alarm to remind you to give yourself 1 minute of healing – 3 times a day for 7 days. You will find yourself growing, glowing and easily motivated to continue your practice. 

You have totally got this and can let go into the flow of your Quantum-Touch healing sessions.  

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