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The New Human in The New World – the Level II book is out!

I am so excited about the new Quantum Touch Level II book!

Quantum Touch Level 2 - The new Human Book Cover
Quantum Touch Level 2 book cover

It is brilliantly written and all the techniques are explained so well. Thank you Richard for writing this book. In the book Richard talks about The New World and The New Human. We have all been experiencing the shifts and more and more people are awakening to the possibilities that this era brings. Richard and his co authors liken us to being super heroes that don’t realise that we have all these new or more accurately described as undiscovered abilities.

The truth is that even with the ground breaking healing we are doing with Level II, we still only know a small percentage of what we are capable of. One thing we do know is that we are wholly connected to each other and there has never been a sentence of more profundity than the Quantum Touch ethos of “Your Love Has Impact”. If you have taken Level 1 and are curious about the miracle work of Level II but haven’t had a chance to take the workshop yet then I encourage you to order the book.

You will get so much out of it and even though it doesn’t replace the wonder and magic of attending the workshop, it will certainly teach you a lot about what we are capable of and is a thorough reference tool for those that have taken it already. This book is not just a life changer, it is a world changer!

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