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A miracle a day…the jump from Level 1 to Level II

Yinandyang I am often asked what the difference is between QT level 1 and level II and when a person is ready to further their journey and enter into the new paradigm that is Level II.

These are very valid questions and I would like to offer some answers and guidance.

Let us begin by understanding the difference between Yin and Yang. Most people begin their healing journey and energetic development by learning Yang style techniques. Yang style healing is based on the masculine principle and is where we undertake very active techniques in our healing application. Practical examples of this include anything that puts you in an active “doing” state. The Level 1 techniques are a series of specific breaths and active visual awareness exercises that induce a Yang style approach of healing. We are always “doing” (breathing, vortexing etc) and remain connected to this ever increasing high frequency state throughout the session. It has been said (by a well known and very highly regarded Eastern Qi Gong Master) that the Level 1 QT techniques are the highest and most profound application of the masculine/Yang principle that there is in energy healing, reaching frequencies that supersede anything else he has seen. This is what enables bones to move effortlessly and powerful healings to occur.

Another example of Yang style application would be the exercises given to people in many of the books you will find in a Mind, Body, Spirit section of a bookshop. For instance; writing a gratitude list, creating a dream board, saying affirmations and doing specific visualisations for manifesting would all be considered very “active” states of working with energy. All of these examples require “doing” something and are as such masculine in their approach.

Quantum Touch is so successful and stands alone within this realm because it enables the person to give and engage ALL parts of themselves to the process. The combination of the techniques used throughout the session create an energy that embodies all aspects of the person, creating a congruency that focuses the energy so specifically and clearly. It is precisely this that separates QT from the pack and allows it to stand proudly as a phenomenal healing modality. For many people this is often enough of a blessing in life. They will joyously walk through life feeling confident in their tools and practices to aid their daily experience in such a practical way.

For the majority the Yang style techniques is their entry point into healing and it marks the beginning of a doorway into a world of quantum and energetic discovery.

Chalice Well flowing waterHowever after a while many people will naturally start to gravitate towards the Feminine principle – Yin.

After enough QT Level 1 practice sessions you will find yourself using the sessions as a gateway to more joyous states of being and then at some point you will likely drop into a state of blissful surrender.

Meditation, surrender, witnessing and allowing are all key aspects of the feminine principle which is what happens when we enter into Yin which is the opposite of Yang. Yin states are connected to “being” rather than “doing”. Usually one has to journey extensively through the Yang states before reaching a state of “being” and be able to sit effortlessly there, although there are some that will find it quite easy from the outset.

In essence when we use the Yin techniques we aim to do as little as possible and just allow the changes to happen without influencing them as we do in QT Level 1.

QT Level II is so elegant and welcoming because it allows the person to do exactly that using wonderfully simple techniques that are designed to take you effortlessly into aspects of these states, where deeper healing occurs the more we consciously step out of the way. One could say that Level II provides a subtle opening, guiding you from Yang and introducing you to Yin in a way that allows you the freedom to discover its possibilities.

When people first discover how peaceful and blissful the Level II techniques are they usually relinquish the Yang style healing they have become accustomed to.

It can be likened to the continuous flow a dedicated runner experiences once they have put in enough practice hours to master their breathing rhythm and are subsequently able to run indefinitely without tiring.

This is the transition of Yang to Yin and Level II provides people with an access point into this realm. This becomes a state of being rather than an active process and the more awareness we place on the feminine principle, the more our healing becomes an unwavering state of surrender and bliss. In these spaces physical and other changes occur in real time and healings occur with a whole new level of ease, grace and with delightful speed. What Richard Gordon has managed to do yet again, is find some incredible pathways to applying this in a highly practical way. By doing so he has created the new paradigm in healing.

Of course having access to both Yin and Yang techniques gives you the power to apply both and easily maneuver between the two depending on what you feel most drawn to in that moment. It is a powerful space to be…

When are you ready to move forward from Level 1 to Level II?

The answer is when you are ready to experience the next level of your journey and only you know that. When you have seen enough incredible healings with Level 1 to realise that there must be an even easier way of going beyond the sixth gear and… staying on auto pilot there. For some this happens quite quickly and for others it happens at a more leisurely pace. For meditators it is an easy transition and a familiar space. There is no specific time frame required to distance the two, it is more about the desire to grow and discover what happens when we let go 🙂

I invite you to experience the new paradigm:

Book a space for May 27th & 28th – London

Book a space for July 1st & 2nd – Glastonbury

A miracle a day…

I am so thrilled by the miracles that are happening to me almost every day. Things are just falling in my lap and everything goes right for me. I am getting unbelievable results with healing. My niece had insomnia for more than a month and she could not sleep even with medications. Now she sleeps like a baby without medications (they did not work for her anyways). My sister had back and leg problems, now she feels the pain is gone down at least 50%. My brother in law was depressed, now he feels much better, thanks to the pleasure centre technique. These are just few examples. I am so grateful and thankful to you for the invaluable information and techniques you taught me during the QTII workshop.”

Much love to you

Salah F, Sweden

“My experiences since taking the Level II workshop:-

One of the ladies I gave treatments to has a lot of health issues. She has been on thyroxine for approximately 7 years, near enough the maximum dose. A few weeks following her first treatment, she had a blood test and her own levels had increased. This meant for the first time in 7 years, her dosage was dropped! I have also treated her for misaligned, painful hips. She owns a horse and rides frequently, however she always struggled after about an hours’ ride to get back off the horse again and her hips would hurt afterwards. A week or so following treatment she went for a 2 1/2 hour ride and got off the horse with no pain or problems whatsoever! Her hips are still fine.

Another lady came to me who was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 15 (now around mid-40s). Her body is becoming quite twisted as a result of this. She has had medical input and has seen a chiropractor – her atlas and axis bones are fused. I did a little work on her hips and then eventually got the courage to work on her neck – her chiropractor refuses to work on this area. Her head started to move around of its own accord which was incredible and she said the sensations were bizarre!

The following is a quote from this lady 3 days after treatment:-

My health in general is variable day by day and I’m usually a little worse when school finishes (teaching assistant) and I start to relax. However, my neck is feeling good. I was feeling slight discomfort when swallowing but that has gone since the session which is fabulous. I am totally amazed by what happened in the session and very grateful to you – nobody has ever been able to get anything close to that before! The QT session has given me a lot of hope that I can make progress with my wonky body!

I am personally aware that there is a lot more power in the QT since doing Level II – thank you Karina.”

Love and best wishes

Lynne Oliver, UK Quantum Touch practitioner

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