Why does charging all 12 Chakras turbo boost your energy more than 7?

There are many different schools of thought about where the chakras are. Pretty much everyone agrees that there are 7 chakras that are in the central channel of the body.

Chakras are spinning wheels which are also described as energy centres. Each chakra correlates to a specific colour, a set of emotions and physical places in the body.

In Quantum-Touch we refer to a 12 chakra system.

Chakra 8 is located 10 inches beneath the feet and connects us to all the probable realities right before they happen.

Chakra 9 – 12 are above the head and connects to exciting realms such as the energy of all possibility, the home of the higher self, the soul/spirit and to Source.

In Quantum-Touch Level 2 and Supercharging we play much more expansively with all 12 chakras.

Supercharging is called Supercharging because it literally does exactly that. By Supercharging all 12 chakras at the start of your healing session you will feel an immediate BURST of vibrant energy. Amplifying the energy in all 12 chakras wakes up your entire system – literally. It is like turning on a vitality tap.

Giving yourself a chakra balancing session is like taking a multi vitamin.

Supercharging teaches this in a very active way. The Supercharging energy is radiantly colourful and energetic. It is also fascinating to take the time to explore the energy inside each individual chakra, which we do on the first morning of the workshop, using the unique Supercharging techniques.

Level 2 also connects to all 12 chakras. Whilst Supercharging emits a vibration that could easily power me up a large mountain, working with the 12 chakras in Level 2 feels like I have arrived at the mountain top, and am in deep heart felt reverence of the view 360 degrees around me.

When we expand our awareness into chakras 8 – 12 we go beyond the physical. We enter the spaces where all possibilities exist and we can direct more energy towards influencing higher outcomes.

More specifically Chakras 8 – 12 are instrumental in manifesting and connecting to the specific frequency of what you wish to attract.

If you have the skillset from Supercharging and Quantum-Touch Level 2 then I would always encourage you to give yourself and/or someone else a chakra balancing session that includes all 12 chakras.

The feeling of balance and internal equilibrium feels like coming home. We only realise how much we missed being home, once we arrive again. Our senses gain clarity, intuition is enhanced and we get a glimpse of what it it feels like to be unencumbered by the conscious mind.

If you have the skills to explore the majestic energy in 8 – 12 then I recommend revisiting this space with regularity. It will create a higher entrainment process to states that are very beneficial for manifesting and bringing in new realities.

Do you have something you wish to create in your life? Try using the Supercharging and Level 2 manifesting techniques and let us know how you get on!

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