Reconditioned podcast with Lauren Vaknine

When Lauren Vaknine invited me to speak on her podcast about energy healing, I was humbled.

Lauren’s own healing story started when she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis as a toddler. Her parents decided against giving her steroids and opted for homeopathy and a more natural approach. In Lauren’s teenage years she suddenly had a huge flare-up that wouldn’t go away. She ended up being put on a chemo-based drug that along with a variety of other symptoms that left her wheelchair-bound.

Giving a talk at Parliament on the importance of informed choice for parents and accessibility of natural health options

Her decision to try and heal herself naturally led her through many years of self-study. She used many holistic modalities to aid her recovery and against all odds, she got herself walking again. In 2013 she officially went into remission.

Lauren is also a nutritionist and is the Parliamentary ambassador for Juvenile Arthritis. She is a wellbeing writer for publications such as Huffington Post, Scary MommyNatural Health, Health & Homeopathy, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, The Green Parent, The Natural Parent and more.

Lauren is a force of nature that is constantly campaigning for informed choice and awareness about natural health options.

It was a total pleasure to be interviewed by Lauren, who has become a special friend and whose own healing story is inspirational.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast!



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