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Quantum Touch went to Spain!

Having just returned from the Quantum Touch workshop I taught in Spain I can honestly say that I feel honoured and humbled to have instructed such a conscious, warm and spiritually evolved group. The group consisted of people from a variety of backgrounds and ages including a professional astrologer and numerologist, a crystal and mineral worker, a naturopath and spiritual healer using the ancient methods of the pendulum, a meditation teacher, sports coach and ex English teacher, an EMF balancing practitioner, bio scientist, cranial sacral therapist and reflexologist and business coach.

The level of experience and knowledge, and the age range in the room meant that the pool of resources being drawn upon was a journey in itself. As an instructor it was a privilege for me to introduce Quantum Touch to those that have extensive experience in the healing arts already. This trip to Spain also led me as an instructor on a journey of discovery. Sharing Quantum Touch with such a deeply evolved group of people invoked a lot of inner thought and many interesting questions came up both in the room and within me.

The workshop itself was wonderful and everyone in the room contributed to the learning and experience on many levels. It gave me great pleasure to have one lady arrive on the second day announcing that she had slept through the night for the first time in 8 years and could now touch the floor with her hands, something she could not do the day before. It gave me equal pleasure to hear another lady talk of how centered she felt and the shift in her energy was clearly visible. We talked about grounding in more depth than usual and of the importance of disconnecting with others after sessions.

We experimented with unifying our intention prior to starting group healing and the difference between creating synergy rather than working independently. We had the privilege of hearing someone tone sounds that were so incredibly powerful that the entire group was able to use the vibration for their own healing. I have never heard sounding quite like it in a workshop and it gave the group an insight into the depths of sound vibration and healing and how well this combines with Quantum Touch. We heard how one lady thought the sun was shining on her back only to discover that it was her practice partner’s hand producing what she thought were very hot sun rays on her back. We learnt and felt how feeling the vibration of love in our body transcends instantly into the other person and the importance of integrating our emotional, physical and spiritual selves into the healing process.

Spending two days in a healing environment with people brings a familiarity and closeness that is a shame to end, however there was also an energy of excitement indicating that for those in the room rather than an end, this was very much a beginning!

Here are just a couple of comments from the group:

“Karina is extremely tuned into her students and her subject. I already work with energy and am very excited about how I plan to incorporate Quantum Touch with my practice, and with my family. I got a lot out of the workshop and one thing that stands out is how grounded the workshop was while running such a high frequency energy.”
Martha Smythe, Spain
EMF Practitioner

“Karina is very patient, explains well, is caring, kind, empathetic and is good with everyone. It was an excellent and enjoyable experience and I learned a great deal.”
Brenda Holman, Spain
Bio Scientist, Cranial Sacral therapist, Chiropodist and Reflexologist

The next Quantum Touch workshop will take place on April 26th – 27th 2009 in London NW2.

To find out more and reserve your space please click here.

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