Quantum Touch Level 1 November 2012 London group!

Posted on Wednesday 5th December, 2012 at 5:46 pm

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Karina Grant

Hello everyone!

I wanted to say thank you for being such a fantastic group to share Quantum Touch Level 1 with. I know you are all going to do some amazing things with this work and hope you have got stuck in already! I am often asked by people how to keep the energy flow high and one of the ways is to stay in touch with each other. I have created a space here for you to chat and share your incredible healing experiences with the rest of the group. I have also uploaded some of the photos from the workshop.

Lovely November Quantum Touch Level 1 group photo

For those of you wanting to find someone local to practice Quantum Touch with, I have created a space on my website to help you find others using Quantum Touch. Please visit the link to find someone in your area. Remember the more you use it the stronger the energy flow will become for you. Try it on everything and let us know what you discover!

Hope to meet you again on a Level II and Self Created Health workshop! Happy QTing and stay in touch!

Love and light,