How is Quantum-Touch unique?

I was recently asked what the difference is between Quantum-Touch and other healing modalities. The question was “if all healing calls in love and intention then what makes Quantum-Touch different?”

This is a great question which I would like to explore here.

Most healing modalities will likely evoke a feeling of love and positive intention. Having the ability to focus our intention for extended periods of time in this day and age has its challenges. However, it is having the ability to hold a consistently high vibration throughout a healing session that creates a space for entrainment to happen.

Resonance and Entrainment explain the scientific basis of Quantum-Touch. This means that the practitioner uses specific techniques to raise their energy to a very high level – and keep it there. The client then entrains to this energy and it gently stimulates their immune system to rebalance the area.

The key is being able to keep the energy high

This is what Quantum-Touch is able to offer with ease. The variety of techniques give you the ability to transform the session into an active meditation where your focus is on elevating how you feel. When we give healing, we also receive it too!

This is why having the Supercharging and Quantum-Touch Level 2 techniques add so much flavour to the healing sessions. It is like having a large selection of art materials and a multitude of paints to colour your canvas with, vs having a few crayons.

Our healing session is a blank canvas that is waiting to be brought to life with anything that we wish to focus on. 30 minutes quickly goes by when you are having so much fun. This is another key and is something we remind our kids all the time…

Rule number 1 – Always have fun!

Healing sessions should be fun, playful and approached with the creativity of our inner child. This has a dramatic effect on how high the energy goes. It also means that even when your mind does wander off to other thoughts, these thoughts will follow a similar flow that is conducive to healing.

Colour heals

The Supercharging techniques open a space that is filled with colour and vibrance. Use the 12 colours to revive your blueprint of health and to vivify your auric field. As you do so your client will naturally entrain to this and you can both be included in this beautifully colourful field of energy.

Quantum-Touch can be used with anything and everything! Play and play more.

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