Which healing techniques are more powerful?

I have been asked a few times which healing workshops are more powerful so I wanted to address it in this blog post.

I attended my first Louise Hay seminar with my parents when I was 12 years old, experiencing breath work and meditation on a regular basis ever since. In my 20’s I travelled the world to attend all of Tony Robbins seminars, walk on hot coals and learn much more about the power of the mind.

When I found the Quantum Touch website in 2005 I knew instantly that I would love it, give it to many people and teach it in as many places as I could. It was instinctive – I knew it was 100% my vibe and what I wanted to do.

Quantum Touch Level 1 enabled me to use everything I had ever previously learned in my life and amplify it for the purpose of healing.

Once I learned Quantum Touch Level 2, Supercharging and Self Created Health my viewpoint expanded further. Now I had a range of different tools to use for different situations.

One of the most common questions I am asked is which Quantum Touch workshop techniques do I use most? The answer is entirely dependant on the situation and the client.

For example, if a person wishes to know the emotional cause behind their physical condition then I give them a Self Created Health session. I find Self Created Health literally thrilling because it so accurate and I have seen miraculous recoveries using this process.

Or I may be approached by someone with Parkinson’s dis-ease. In which case structure is likely to be a big factor and I will use Quantum Touch Level 1 & 2 techniques. The phenomenal pain relief and structural alignments that I have witnessed with Quantum Touch have literally made daily miracles seem normal.

If a person’s energy is generally weak and they need a big boost then I often feel drawn to recolour their aura with the 12 colours from Supercharging. This workshop has really elevated all my Quantum Touch Level 1 abilities.

Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery – meditation that feels like you have been on holiday!

Hi Chi Meditations

Throughout my journey with Quantum Touch I have always placed an enormous emphasis on my meditation practice.

Meditation is like drinking water for me. It sustains my flow and gives me the space to let it all just be. This is why I created the Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery program. I love sharing my passion for meditation with others.

It works perfectly alongside all healing work that I do and enhances all my Quantum Touch.

Permissioning and Transformation

When I first learned Permissioning and Transformation I could immediately see its place within my practice. There are times when clients get in touch who are experiencing emotional issues in their life and they require a tool that they can use everyday, specifically focused on rebalancing their emotions.

These techniques have given me an easy set of techniques that I can either teach a person in their healing session or in a workshop.

When would I use this over Self Created Health?

Some people are ready to see their psyche and are ready to dive into feeling the full scope of their emotions. These people will love Self Created Health and they will experience miracles.

A lot of people want to simply shift out of depression or anxiety, and into a higher space in their life, without exploring their deeper layers. Or perhaps they would like more grounding and confidence in certain areas of life. This is when I use Permissioning and Transformation. It requires a person to practice some processes for 15 minutes a day, without having to experience anything emotionally challenging.

I also personally enjoy using these techniques for changing habits and success in personal projects.

My healing spice rack

Every modality and workshop that I share and personally use has its own wonderful and unique benefits.

Each one enhances the other and everything has its own place, in the same way that a spice rack contains many delicious and unique flavours. My toolbox is my healing spice rack and depending on who is coming for dinner, I create a bespoke dish with the most appealing spices for that person. Having such a diverse set of healing skills means there is always something to help, which makes healing sessions dynamic and powerful.

Is there a particular technique or tool that you use most?

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