What happens when we push energy?

There are some principles in all healing that are vital for the energy to flow at all times.

Giving a healing to someone is an invitation to join in with your connection to Universal energy at that moment.

There is a big difference between offering someone an invitation to a party and telling them that there is an event they have to attend.

When we invite someone to a party they have the freedom to choose if it resonates with them. This creates space as the person considers the potential to join in and have fun.

We only send out an invitation once and then wait for the RSVP or for the person to show up. The party still goes ahead regardless and a great time is had. The same is true for healing.

Giving healing is like inviting someone to join you at an energy party. It is an offering of energy and the person has every right to accept it or decide they wish to step aside. If the person shows up their presence is going to enhance the energy of the party and in the room.

If they choose to be elsewhere in that moment then in a loving way we invite them to join us on another date at another time.

“Standing back” in a healing session is the fastest way to create a welcoming flow of energy that the recipient wants to join in with. It also means you accept and respect them for exactly who they are in each moment. That is unconditional love.

Changes happen very quickly when we stand back and open the door to Universal energy to flow through you, whilst holding a space for someone to join in with you – if they wish.

Whenever you feel that the energy could be higher, take a moment to feel into this principle. Remember that offering the energy is the key!

Tip: When we relax the muscles in our head and face whilst healing, our mind also relaxes and the energy is offered in a more inviting way. This is easily done by smiling during our healing session.

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