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The Psoas Muscle – Healing fear through the muscle of The soul

In Quantum Touch Level II we learn about the psoas muscle and how to use the energy to rebalance this important muscle. I have always been intrigued by this particular muscle, given that it is one of the largest in the body and is the only muscle that connects our legs to the spinal column. In summery it is the muscle that allows us to lift our legs.

The length of it means that it spans over several chakras and when it is out of alignment this has an emotional and spiritual effect too. I was once pointed towards a book called The Vital Psoas Muscle Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
I was amazed that there was an entire book focused on this one muscle in the body. However the results I have seen with my clients when using QT on the psoas muscle to proves just how vital this muscle is to us for wellbeing.

Diagram showing the Psoas MuscleI was recently sent an article which further explained just how powerful giving healing to this area of the skeletal system is. Described as “the muscle of the soul”, this muscle is believed to connect us to the present moment when it is stretched out and any resistance is released from the area. Liz Koch, yet another author who writes about the Psoas in “The Psoas Book”, says that we can harness pranic energy and improve our mental health by keeping this muscle healthy. She writes that daily lifestyle stress keeps the psoas in a state of flight or fight and is a major cause of why people suffer from chronic physical pain.

Koch states, “Whether you suffer from sore back or anxiety, from knee strain or exhaustion, there’s a good chance that a constricted psoas might be contributing to your woes.” She also states that by restoring balance to this muscle releases the energy of fear and brings us back to a peaceful place, where breathing is more free and we are more connected to the earth.

If you are using Quantum Touch to help others with any type of pain, it is an incredibly useful and powerful place to give healing to. We learn to align posture in the Level 1 class and this is one of the reasons that Quantum Touch is so valuable to us for raidant health. A balanced structure means that the energy can flow and all conditions will benefit from this. Bringing our love and energy to the psoas muscle like we do in the Level II class, allows for an even deeper and more profound healing to take place. I recommend giving energy to this muscle in all healing sessions. The results will speak for themselves!

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